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  1. MrHouse, you're being somewhat condescending and have clearly lost the actual point of his proposal in your inexplicable fury. Your grudge with him seems to stem from some deep dissatisfaction with something. If you weren't determined to be incredibly snarky and try and shut him down, maybe you'd think for one minute and answer your own questions. You mentioned him being flexible? Well how about you randomly put members of community management, or anyone who wants to, to do this for an hour or two? Maybe have longer shifts, maybe don't have them sometimes. As long as they're unpredictable they work. And Jagex seems to have a constant enough staff presence to be able strike on random days for a few hours at random times. Hell, as long as they slowly released a toolkit to the Mods that was constantly undergoing development (maybe a tool a week or something after the initial release) they could wreak pretty serious havoc in some of the more crowded worlds. And you wouldn't even have to ban, you might well just be able to kill some of the bots in carefully advertised strikes (imagine the bandits suddenly start advertising they will be using magic). The only way that I can honestly excuse your downright close-mindedness, is if you actually know enough about Java to convincingly state that it is not sufficiently dynamic to allow for such strikes.
  2. Nice thought, but those bones could have been sold so you lost out on their value and did spend meta-gp.
  3. I agree with PereGrin. I know a lot of people who grind for the reward. And it's disingenuous to say that therefore they should not be playing the game because it's the journey not the reward or some other meaningless platitude. What's fun is the many journeys you get to have after it.
  4. So anyway. I made 170 graahk pouches, 25 Kyatt pouches, and 1400-1500 granite lobster pouches, losing maybe 1m in the process, and got from 75 -79
  5. The problem is pretty simple... If i want defense in my SHIELD slot. I'll use a SHIELD. If i want offense I might use zammy. The only other use for any of the others is prayer. But 99% of the time if I'm using prayer i need no defense so attack is what I want...
  6. I just got Enhanced excalibur after finishing the seers diary. I got 66 herblore off of the final 10k lamp, and my fletching is now 76 (I was too impatient so i boosted to 80 using a stew)
  7. So, we just got August's "But They Said". I plan to review this and give you my opinions on it. A Quest with a Beer Maze! I'm always up for a quest, and this sounds great. As I said before I really loved the first quest in this series. The style of the puzzles seemed similar to some of the great old quests of the past. Not to mention that there is a beer puzzle! BEER! That'll get the Caped Carousers (clan) up in arms. Level 50 skills indicate that this will be a pretty substantial quest. So I'm looking forward to digging into a deliciously concocted plot. Lair of the Occult! Awesome! that will take us all the way up Dungeoneering level 93 if I'm not mistaken. And just by the way that boss looks totally bad-ass. I love the thought that he has a boss mechanic that is "inventive." I mean, the dungeoneering bosses in general are a tier above almost every major monster/quest boss in terms of combat mechanics. I also really love that concept art. I mean DAAAAAMMMMN that's one cool minotaur. Occult floors ftw! (And since they're occult that makes them evil and Magicky right? So it looks like I'll really need to invest time into Dungeoneering. Because all this just looks so damn cool. Herbs and Skeletal necromancers also sound pretty cool. Shiny Stuff! Cool stuff. the RoV sounds like it will be kinda overpowered in PvP but it will probably be dreadfully pricey so risk will probably equal reward. EotW (wait...that's the acronym for The Eye of the World, the first in the badass series The Wheel of Time) sounds like it might help knock Melee down a few notches, but again it is likely to be such an elite item that it wont' have too huge of an effect. I'm also a bit confused by the name. Sounds like something that counters "Warriors" more than anything else. Rigour prayer...so they're finally releasing piety for Ranged? Armies of Gielinor Meets the Void So, you're making something like Armies of Gielinor that's built into Runescape? Sounds pretty cool. Hopefully it won't be a total bust like Mobilising armies was. I really like Armies of Gielinor but I really hate Mobilising armies. Well anyway that sounds pretty cool...I guess. Explain Yourself! I know a lot of people who don't use the forums. It's nice to see you make an announcement like this somewhere where those friends can see it...But I'm looking forward to it and Z-buffering. The Afterthoughts 1) That's helpful 2) You should've done that a while ago. I mean, why did sitting around in your house do it? 3) Potentially useful. Concluding Thoughts Sounds like a pretty Badass month! I'm looking forward to it...
  8. BWAHAHAHAHAHA ! MY EVIL PLAN WORKED!!! Please be aware that within the next 13.8176-56.34231 days you will be compelled by a hypnotic code embedded within the text of this blog to kill the first turtle you see and offer it's corpse to Zaros.
  9. So...I'm apparently incapable of actually being even semi-active on this silly blawg... But I do semi-maintain a blog on These forums through this big link that takes up so much text because I randomly wanted to make it long, and stuff like that, ya know? And here's a dump of all the random stuff I've put on that blog recently... FIRST POST Current Goals -Seers Village Diary: -Varrock Diary -Second wishlist -All skills 70+ About Me! I'm Dark Avorian...I'm a rising sophomore in highschool...I like math, science and art...My interests are runescape, drawing, arcanists, and reading...the amount of books I've read could qualify as unhealthy MY BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENTS QUEST CAPE (OR NOT) 99 DEFENCE 110 COMBAT 1800+ TOTAL LVL ALL SKILLS 60+ And this... MY EQUIPMENT Combat Outfit: Questpoint Cape, Full slayer helm, Amulet of glory, Dragon platebody, Dragon platelegs, Dragon boots, RFD Barrow gloves, Blessed spirit shield, Abyssal whip. Skiller Outfit 1: White beret, Gnome scarf, Defence cape, Blue elegant top, Blue elegant legs, Mime gloves, Desert boots, Holy book, Rune cane. Skiller Outfit 2: Full slayer helm, Bonesack, Witchwood Icon, Clown shirt, Clown legs, Lumberjack boots, Slayer gloves, Balmung. Skiller Outfit 3: Chef's hat, Cat-training medal, Questpoint cape, Apron, Builder trousers, Lumberjack boots, Mime gloves, Holy book, Meat cleaver. IT'S A BIG F***ING DEAL!!! by Dark Avorian on Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:25 am Other stuff that covers other stuff that covers other stuff by Dark Avorian Today at 2:50 pm Seers Medium complete. only two tasks left for hard diary 1: Fletch a magic shortbow in the Seer's Village bank 2: cast high alchemy on a magic shortbow in seer's village bank I'm training for the first one and then I'll use the bow to complete the second... After that... I plan to boost to 73 smithing for varrock diary, and try and use spicy stew to get 70 farming as well...otherwise I might actually have to train farming... And this stoof over here is not from that blog... NO IT IS NOT >_> Anyway...if you like runescape, and suggestions check out the forum where I keep my main blog at that big link way up there!!!
  10. I think this guide kind off ignores the fact that these can be recieved as tasks from Kuradal and Durael by people who are nowhere near the level or wealth to buy /use the suggested set-ups.
  11. Raptor is a creature who was formed when zombie cysirus and zombie hazelmere merged, he can take either form, You heard it here first. Also, I love the idea, but I always cringe with these quest ideas because we ahve so many and they release quests at a rate of at most 2 a month..
  12. Hello everybody. As I said in my previous and very brief post: I HAVE RETURNED! However, this post will not be quite so brief. Somethin' 'Bout the Last Few Months So, for the past five months or so, I have not had a quest cape *gasps*. As of yesterday however, that has been remedied. I have still not obtained 70 in all stats, although I hope to get that sometime in the near future. 10th grade is over and I got straight A's (I'm gonna be honest, there were a few A-'s). I've gotten 80 slayer, trained dungeoneering to almost 60, and...I now have 95 defence. So that's exciting, happy-making, whatever. So, as is my duty as a mad quester, I'm gonna talk about the two most recent quests, and Nomad. EW3 This quest was awful, the entire thing was centered around one puzzle, and unlike MEP2 there isn't enough of a powerful and captivating storyline to justify that, and this puzzle doesn't require even half the brain power that MEP2 does, it's just a giant annoying slider puzzle with time delays and a counter. It would have been a hell of a lot better, and made a hell of a lot more sense, if there wasn't that damn time delay between moves as your character circles the massive sliding board. Personally I found the puzzle itself to be something of a pushover once you got past the first section, so I wasn't ranting about that. Again, the Elemental workshop quests don't really make sense to me. They unlock half decent rewards, have a half baked storyline, take place in a wierd laboratory, have puzzles and procedures that take way too long to justify what you get and just don't capture my imagination. Quiet Before the Swarm Ignoring the lackluster requirements, I really, really, really liked this quest. The plot was vibrant, it captured my imagination, It was nice to see the void knights as a living community, not just some random backstory for a minigame. Although easy to solve, I felt the puzzles were something of a throwback to the good ol' quests. I don't know why, but many of the recent quests have just been apalling for me. They haven't had that little something that made me love quest like DT, MM, Legends, or WGS. This quest really seemed to capture that appeal. I also have to love the way they created that cliffhanger. Nomad Kyatt: Pew-pew-pew I'm firin' mah LAZOR! Ruby bolts: Ve vont to suck your vlood! Nomad: You have doomed this world!
  13. I, the mad quester (well...um...about that actually...) have returned to the Tip.it blogosphere. I intend to reinvigorate this dead lump of a blog. But that'll happen tonight.
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