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Review of But They Said for August




So, we just got August's "But They Said". I plan to review this and give you my opinions on it.


A Quest with a Beer Maze!



Our first update this month is scheduled to be the next part of our Void Knight quest series, A Void Dance. Youll team up with Korasi again to track a strange creature across the world, find out why certain people have been acting strangely, and discover some of the truth behind the events of Quiet before the Swarm. On the way youll solve some tricky puzzles, such as keeping an alchemical experiment from exploding in your face, navigating a maze of beer, and infiltrating the stronghold of one of the Void Knights enemies. This is an experienced quest with requirements of around level 50 in several different skills.



I'm always up for a quest, and this sounds great. As I said before I really loved the first quest in this series. The style of the puzzles seemed similar to some of the great old quests of the past. Not to mention that there is a beer puzzle! BEER! That'll get the Caped Carousers (clan) up in arms. Level 50 skills indicate that this will be a pretty substantial quest. So I'm looking forward to digging into a deliciously concocted plot.


Lair of the Occult!



We also have additional floors, bosses, rewards and challenge rooms planned for Dungeoneering this month. Stretching all the way from floors 36 to 47 of the dungeons, the occult floors are home to some of the most vicious boss monsters found in the entirety of Daemonheim. There are 6 new bosses in total, including:


YkLagor the Thunderous! Originally one of the first bosses encountered on the occult floors, this demon has since been promoted to the final boss of the occult theme thanks to his dramatic introduction and challenging boss mechanic. Its easily one of the most graphically impressive encounters yet.


The paragraph here is the next section


If XP is more your thing, the occult floors will give you the chance to increase your Dungeoneering XP gains. With the occult floors descending all the way to floor 47, youll be able to obtain 47 prestige instead of the 35 you are used to, meaning greater XP per hour.


Youll encounter several creatures that are new to Daemonheim, including undead necromancers, who will summon skeletal minions to impede your progress. You may survive these, but youll still have to navigate nine new and fiendish challenge rooms, where deadly herbs and tightrope walking awaits.



Awesome! that will take us all the way up Dungeoneering level 93 if I'm not mistaken. And just by the way that boss looks totally bad-ass. I love the thought that he has a boss mechanic that is "inventive." I mean, the dungeoneering bosses in general are a tier above almost every major monster/quest boss in terms of combat mechanics. I also really love that concept art. I mean DAAAAAMMMMN that's one cool minotaur. Occult floors ftw! (And since they're occult that makes them evil and Magicky right?


So it looks like I'll really need to invest time into Dungeoneering. Because all this just looks so damn cool. Herbs and Skeletal necromancers also sound pretty cool.


Shiny Stuff!



If youre looking to spend your Dungeoneering tokens, we will be introducing eight new rewards, featuring the Ring of Vigour (a reduction to the cost of special attacks), the Eye of the Warrior, which reflects melee damage back to your opponent, and the Rigour prayer, which increases both your ranged damage and your Defence.



Cool stuff. the RoV sounds like it will be kinda overpowered in PvP but it will probably be dreadfully pricey so risk will probably equal reward. EotW (wait...that's the acronym for The Eye of the World, the first in the badass series The Wheel of Time) sounds like it might help knock Melee down a few notches, but again it is likely to be such an elite item that it wont' have too huge of an effect. I'm also a bit confused by the name. Sounds like something that counters "Warriors" more than anything else. Rigour prayer...so they're finally releasing piety for Ranged?


Armies of Gielinor Meets the Void



On the week of RuneFest, were also planning to release a new activity on the Void Knight Island that gives you a unique method of earning Pest Control rewards. The Void Knights have devised an exercise to train their squires and knights in tactical thinking. Conquest will put you in command of a squad of Void Knights in a turn-based, player-vs-player, tactical war game. Choose the composition and formation of your army, unleash game-changing special abilities, and prove yourself one of RuneScapes finest tactical minds on its high score tables. Look out for events in game that week to celebrate the latest addition to our activity catalogue.



So, you're making something like Armies of Gielinor that's built into Runescape? Sounds pretty cool. Hopefully it won't be a total bust like Mobilising armies was. I really like Armies of Gielinor but I really hate Mobilising armies. Well anyway that sounds pretty cool...I guess.


Explain Yourself!



Please note Last months treasure trail updates were sadly rescheduled due to technical issues, and we plan to release them as soon as they are ready.



I know a lot of people who don't use the forums. It's nice to see you make an announcement like this somewhere where those friends can see it...But I'm looking forward to it and Z-buffering.


The Afterthoughts



In other news, we'll be offering you the ability to gain 10 additional bank spaces; you'll be able to obtain strange rocks when constructing furniture in the Build mode of your POH; and you'll hover over agility shortcuts on your world map to find out more about them. Have fun!



1) That's helpful

2) You should've done that a while ago. I mean, why did sitting around in your house do it?

3) Potentially useful.


Concluding Thoughts


Sounds like a pretty Badass month! I'm looking forward to it...


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