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Okay...Now I Really Return

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Hello everybody. As I said in my previous and very brief post: I HAVE RETURNED! However, this post will not be quite so brief.


Somethin' 'Bout the Last Few Months


So, for the past five months or so, I have not had a quest cape *gasps*. As of yesterday however, that has been remedied. I have still not obtained 70 in all stats, although I hope to get that sometime in the near future. 10th grade is over and I got straight A's (I'm gonna be honest, there were a few A-'s). I've gotten 80 slayer, trained dungeoneering to almost 60, and...I now have 95 defence. So that's exciting, happy-making, whatever.


So, as is my duty as a mad quester, I'm gonna talk about the two most recent quests, and Nomad.




This quest was awful, the entire thing was centered around one puzzle, and unlike MEP2 there isn't enough of a powerful and captivating storyline to justify that, and this puzzle doesn't require even half the brain power that MEP2 does, it's just a giant annoying slider puzzle with time delays and a counter. It would have been a hell of a lot better, and made a hell of a lot more sense, if there wasn't that damn time delay between moves as your character circles the massive sliding board. Personally I found the puzzle itself to be something of a pushover once you got past the first section, so I wasn't ranting about that.


Again, the Elemental workshop quests don't really make sense to me. They unlock half decent rewards, have a half baked storyline, take place in a wierd laboratory, have puzzles and procedures that take way too long to justify what you get and just don't capture my imagination.


Quiet Before the Swarm


Ignoring the lackluster requirements, I really, really, really liked this quest. The plot was vibrant, it captured my imagination, It was nice to see the void knights as a living community, not just some random backstory for a minigame. Although easy to solve, I felt the puzzles were something of a throwback to the good ol' quests. I don't know why, but many of the recent quests have just been apalling for me. They haven't had that little something that made me love quest like DT, MM, Legends, or WGS. This quest really seemed to capture that appeal. I also have to love the way they created that cliffhanger.




Kyatt: Pew-pew-pew I'm firin' mah LAZOR!

Ruby bolts: Ve vont to suck your vlood!

Nomad: You have doomed this world!

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I agree with all your points about the quests. ;o Can't wait for the next part of the Void series. :thumbup:

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