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Investigate =/= Stomping the Ground!

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242d6k2.jpg (Really bad MS Paint edit for teh lulz.)


Well, I got my Adze yesterday, after being foiled at the second beacon. Which is really the second last. I thought that area wasn't in the Wilderness, so I thought I could Trollheim outta there. Alas, I couldn't. Thinking quickly, I ran to the closest out of WIlderness area I knew. The KBD lair. :wall: Can you guess how that went?


Anyway, apart from that, I've been Dungeoneering. In preparation for the update. I'd be playing that update right now, I guess. But noooo! So I gave up this morning, and went off to get 90 Attack and 90 Strength, through Slayer. I'ma get them, then get a mate with 97 Smithing to make me a Promethium Spear. :grin:


And the title? Something I've wondered about since the release of Strykewyrms. Jungle Strykewyrms are my current task. :grin:


Catch you next time, ~Dax.

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