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Wall of text

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Just a wall of text today really, but I'll try to make it neater :thumbsup:


1. Firstly, I found out I won't be making the double xp weekend, I have to do a residential school at university, OHWELL. No free Herb xp for me.


2. Been doing nothing but slayer recently, and actually struggling to get my fire cape back. I failed my last two attemps and am starting to get annoyed. I can't do Ice strykes without it :ohnoes:


3. Latest Levels:


94 Slayer

98 Range

87 Summoning


I'll make a big entry for my 99 range, although it may be a short while off. And a mini post for my 88 summ which will be right around the corner.


Also thinking to sell my Santa to buy 93 craft and have some play money. Suggestions would be nice in the comments




And, If i do sell the Santa, what should I do with the cash? I'd have to invest in some sort of money making method that's not TD's:


Better stats for Bandos

Better gear for other GWD


OR, just blow the money in skills and make it back through Slayer.

OR, keep the santa


Thoughts appreciated.




Sorry for the wall of text, nothing amazing to post at the moment, but there will be soon -- 99 range 95 slay etc --



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