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First Entry

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Hi all, this is my first blog entry ever using this method. I feel it more ... blog like if you will :shades:


15 / 8 / 10 --- 11:00 pm


Dancing through the forums I find Demilboys blog, and really enjoyed it. Even if no-one were to read it I'm sure he'd still get the satisfaction out of making it, which leads me to believe I will also in making mine. Maintaining blogs in the specified thread seems tedious, and lacks writing, which is what I enjoy moreso, therefore this seems like the perfect place for what I want :thumbsup:




So, while on my very afkable Dark beast tasks, I decide to write my first ever entry, and what's a first entry without both an RS update and an external update. So, here's my current RS stats at the beginning of this blog:




Currently I'm going for 99 slayer and 95 prayer, so this blog will most likely be updated again when I get a level or two in either of those stats. Big drops will probably also be added, etc etc ( still very open at this point ).


.:: Daily Recap ::..


Reasonable day today. Logged in, finished most of my bones for 2 prayer levels, finished up my leftover potions for a herblore level, then got stuck into slayer. Noteable drops was a whip, nice surprise within the task as I barely ever get them. Currently doing dark beasts with hopes for an effigy :thumbsup: Tommorrow I have work though afterwards I may get stuck into some more slaying.


Starcraft 2


I'm also heavily playing Starcraft 2, one of my all time favourite multiplayer games, really enjoying the ladder side of things. For those that don't know, there's 5 divisions you can get through ladder.








There are also 100 people in each division, and many hundreds of these sized divisions. So even if you were to be rank 1 in diamond, it does not mean you are the best player in your region ( europe, asia, us ) but merely that you are within the top few hundred or so - still an amazing achievement. So my friends and I have begun to do some ladder games, and here's the friend standings 2 weeks into it :thumbsup:




The rank if 82 diamond is quite decent, but nothing spectacular in the grand scheme of things. I'm currently playing Random Race, and still learning a lot of tricks. Feel free to add me if you are on the oceanic servers and want a game :P




That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed my first short entry. First of many to come :mrgreen:

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Recommended Comments

Woot! A fellow runescaper that also plays Starcraft 2! Pity I'm on the north american servers (Canadian), I liked the SC:BW setup better, I could go get pwned on the korean servers if I wanted to, now I have to buy a whole new game to use a different continent's server. <_<


Currently rank 47 platinum zerg, but I also play some protoss and terran.


Gratz on starting a bolg and good luck on maintaining it. I tried doing a blogscape one once, it died.

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