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  1. Thank you for your submission! Sorry for the delay. It has been added to the guide and you have been credited. It should be added to the map and released soon.
  2. Nyosuht is correct. However, a keylogger masquerading as a driver for your keyboard (which is still software) can also be defeated by use of the onscreen keyboard.
  3. Wow! Nice. Wonderful to hold something physical in your hands. Frame it for sure!
  4. This update so full of win! They did a really good job listening to feedback.
  5. Thanks Darkwitchery! :D The drops have been confirmed and you've been credited. Of-course we trust you.
  6. Goodluck! Glad we could be of such assistance! :)
  7. Cash out if you're worried or have a lot of really expensive gear (Corp. Shields, Nex Armours etc.). The most important thing to do is NOT invest in any expensive gear for a while after beta goes live, because there will be huge price fluctuations.
  8. Hedgehog, you mean to link to: [item=8437] right? :P
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