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  1. The SoF is a way to make F2P players buy membership so chances are that it is P2P. If I am mistaken however and it is glitched then go to the RuneScape homepage. Scroll right to the bottom and you should see Support. Under that you should see Submit a Bug Report. Just let them know the issue. Because of me they fixed a glitch with the Defender of Varrock hunting tree bug lol
  2. I think so far the best way to get it (not too sure about it) is through RuneSpan. Whilst doing about 2.5 hours of RuneSpan I managed to get 67 rocks.
  3. By any chance is your clan named after Ronnie Radke's song about his mother? =P
  4. Where do you go to pk bots? I know an area where you don't get pked as much as the Green Drags caves in revs.
  5. If you're scanning for a virus and nothing comes up then it could mean a number of things. 1) You don't have a virus (I'll explain in a bit what the problem with this is) 2) You're virus is programmed and encrypted by a professional hacker who can hide the true intention of his virus which means it is undetectable by Anti-Virus software 3) You virus is more spyware than a virus. If it's number 1 it could be that your e-mail may have been hijacked. Does someone you know know your login details to your e-mail address? Perhaps change those details. If it's number 2 then you may be a bit stuck unless you have a friend who knows about computer viruses that you know can remove them manually (I do this for clients). If it's number 3 then just get spybot - search and destroy and you should be good to go. Your best bet is to download a very good free anti-virus (I recommend AVG) and spyware removing software such as spybot. Change all of your login credentials again. If your details are changed then I would recommend trying to system restore to about a day before you downloaded anything. Unless the virus is a extremely well programmed virus then it should be removed. But can I please say that torrents are not 100% safe. Chances are you are downloading something that has something extra attached. I know no matter what you will probably never stop downloading through torrents so let me just recommend that you download your files into a .RAR file and scan that file twice for viruses. Hope this helps =]
  6. Hey guys, allow me to introduce myself. I am Katz Meister, I'm 20 years old and currently a carefree player of RuneScape. I have been a member of this website for many years but without officially making an account. I use Tip It as my reference for alot of things from weapon stats to tips and hints to the monster hunting guides for my first time at going PvM on a new monster. I decided to create an account because I wanted to give something back to this great community. Currently I make videos on YouTube. I make everything from Quest guides to PvM to interviews (my last interview being with Castle Wars) to weekly updates to ... well you get my drift lol. I put alot of effort into my YouTube videos and always try to do a Commentary in all my videos. I am very outspoken and will always reveal my opinion. I am open to new suggestions for videos and I am currently looking to expand on my videos and create better content. Got any ideas? PM me about it =D Also guys PLEASE subscribe as it would mean the world to me and I really want to spread my content to as many people as possible. If you want to check out my Channel you can here. I am also on Twitter which you can visit here. Now what do I feel I can offer the community? Well I have my YouTube videos and I am currently taking all video requests and any criticism. I am currently doing a From Scratch series and currently looking to do another series. My friends chat is always open and I am open to making new friends. Another thing I can offer is technical help. I am currently studying a mixture or computer science with computer security at university so I do try to offer any advice and answers for anything technical. I usually take this to a known website that allows users to ask and answer questions. Last thing I think I can offer is graphical help. I have been using Photoshop for a number of years and feel that I know a little bit. I have created signatures in the past as well as wallpapers for YouTube channels. Thank you guys and I hope that I can fit in here and help you all. Feel free to PM me or join my friends chat ingame. Regards ~Katz Meister
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