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  1. Aww.. I was having internet issues and was only able to get on for <30 seconds before getting DC'd <_<
  2. Haven't been to Corp in so long (and not been to a Tip.it event in even longer)... I think I'll try to be there :rolleyes: Is Void still a decent setup choice, or is it just too obsolete now?
  3. I think I win for Upload...
  4. I would like to remind you guys, THERE ARE NO LONGER RANDOM EVENTS! :thumbsup:
  5. Still going, but no one to add more people... :( (there's a few wanting to join, me included)
  6. Thought I'd take it upon myself to make this thread since I didn't see any others... (Intended as a single contribution thread for everyone to use, and I hope I am within my limits doing that as a normal TIF'er) _______________ Zamorak Hilt _______________ Zamorak Godsword _______________ _______________ That's all from me as I do not own a lot of stuff that got updated
  7. The current picture for the Pendant of Strength has it colored tan and yellow, but the actual colors of it are red and green...
  8. New drop is 20 Anagogic Ort, from a Desert Strykewyrm _______________ Confirmed drop is 34 Earth Talismans, from an Aberrant Spectre
  9. Just tried to cast alchemy on it and you're not allowed to.
  10. Examine is "A magical rock" http://forum.tip.it/topic/313870-new-iron-dragon-drop-20-anagogic-ort/
  11. Drop is 20 Anagogic Ort, from an Iron Dragon http://forum.tip.it/topic/313871-anagogic-ort/
  12. New drop of 207 Raw Swordfish (noted) _______________ Confirmed drop of 100 Runite Ore
  13. I would love to apply, but my leadership skills are absolutely atrocious... -.- Good luck to anyone who does apply though!
  14. First is in Burthorpe north of the Heroes Guild _______________ Second is in the Citharede Abbey courtyard _______________ And the last one is north-west of Eagles' Peak _______________ And on a different note I have a question, does anyone still maintain the Treasure Trails subsection of the Website Corrections and Updates area of the forum??
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