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  1. This was really helpful I never really grasped the full concept of this minigame great guide thanks! =]
  2. Yeah just P.M one of us, I'm more active now than Johnny so P.M me.
  3. That is is lol. Nice observation.
  4. DAY I LEFT THE WOMB 100+ or PURE/Tank JOIN TODAY If you're interested in joining either add Johnny on RuneScape, 'I Wraithh' and ask him to come invite you or join the clan as a guest, Day I Left The Womb, and ask either 'I Budweiser' or 'I Wraithh' to come invite you. Our home world is World 22, but it's not required to be on that world. We mostly do Clan Wars: Free For All but we also PK in the wild at times. We can help you with quests, minigames and what ever else you may need help with for we are expierenced players. We do Boss Fights too, just ask if anyone wants to come with you and if we're not busy we will most likely come join. We are a friendly and social clan. We are always recruiting. Do not ask for ranks, we will give them to you if you're helpful and active. Requirements: -Combat Level of 100+ unless you're a decent Pure/Tank
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