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9/26/2011 - Making some plans for the future

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Since my membership ran out and I'm getting it back tomorrow, I decided I should write about how I'm going to achieve all 99s. This isn't a final decision so my plans can and most likely will change in the future. I'll list every skill and how I'll train it. Let's begin. :)


Melee skills






I will train melee purely trough Slayer. I'll also use it to hunt bosses if I'll be low on money and sometimes to PK. But other than that, Slayer will be my main training method. I will try to get these first, since they make everything easier.


I will most likely be using a whip until I'll get a rapier, at which point I'll get 99 Strenght first, then 99 Attack and then Defence. By that time, I should have 99 HP aswell, so I'll list it under these skills aswell.





I'll get 99 Ranged along the way pretty much. Some xp will be from cannoning, I'll most likely chin some xp and some xp will be from bosses. I'll also just slay with Range sometimes. It's really fun. :)





I'll get Prayer in steps. I will first get 70, so I'll be able to use piety. After I'll get enough money for 95 Prayer, I'll get that. I'll leave it at 95 until the end of my journey, to save a bit of money. If I'll have enough money for 99, I'll get that though. I'll either use Dragon bones or Infernal ashes on my Gilded altar.





I'll get Magic to 99 with a Lunar spell, String Jewellery. I don't have 80 yet, so I'll alch and superheat until I get that. This should be one of the easiest 99s, because it doesn't require much attention.





This will be one of the easy 99s aswell. I'll just cook swordfish until 80, at which point I'll switch to monkfish. I'll cook monkfish until 94, where I'll switch to sharks and cook those until 96. I'll cook rocktails from level 96-99. I think I will make profit from this, both from cooking the fishes and farming herbs every 90 minutes.





This one will be done mostly cutting Ivy while I do my homework. I may do some Cutting & Splitting Arctic pines, but that will only occur if I won't have 99 Woodcutting before I get all the other 99s. I really don't care how long this takes, as I pay almost zero attention while doing this. I usually cut Ivy at Castle Wars with a beaver familiar summoned. I may also cut Ivy in Ardougne.





I will most likely fletch broad arrows for this, when I get the money. It's very fast xp and easy to do. I'll probably do this while I'll flip at GE or sometimes while I'll do other skills, even though it almost became impossible with the new fletch-x update.





I will get to level 90 with Barbarian fishing, after which I'll switch to rocktails. This is also another skill I'll be doing while doing my homework/revising. I'll make some money from this too, so it'll also help my other skills.





Until 83 Firemaking, I'll burn maple logs and then I'll go into the Jadinko Lair and burn the curly vines there. It's very fast FM xp and it's free! I love this update. :)





I really don't know what I'll be using for this skill. I may craft green or blue d'hide bodies once I'd get the money. I could also bank battlestaves while I work on my other 99s and use them up towards the end of the journey. I'm not quite decided on this one.





I'll smelt and/or superheat gold ores until 88 Smithing and after that, I'll smith adamant platebodies. This skill is very fast, but costs quite alot, so I may save it towards the end, where I'll have more money.





I'll mine iron or granite until level 77 and then I'll mine the coal in Living Rock Caverns until 80. After that, I'll use juju mining potions to bank my ores and I'll superheat the rest or low alch them. With this I'd also gain quite alot of Magic and Smithing xp, so I should get this one before them.





This is the one skill that would cost alot. And it will, it'll probably cost me the most. I'll just make potions that will give good xp and will have good xp/gp rate at the time. That will depend, so I won't really write specific potions.





I'll do Wilderness agility course until level 70 and then I'll switch to Ape Atoll, which I'll do until 80/81. Then I'll use pies to do Advanced Gnome Course until 90. I'll then switch to Advanced Barbarian Course and do that until 99. I'll also obtain Agile legs and top during this, which will help with so many things. And it also looks nice. :)





This skill will be done almost entirely trough Pyramid Plunder, but I may do some Ape Atoll Knife Fighters for a bit faster xp. This will be one of the easy 99s aswell, because of the fast xp rates and because it's fun to do. :)





Not much I can say about this one. I'll just do whatever task I'll be given (there will be a few exceptions and I'll post them at a later date). I'll mostly use melee, but I may range some tasks. I'd also mage ice strykewyrms.





I'll farm 6 pineapple trees, 5 willow trees and 1 calquat trees everyday, which should give me about 50k xp a day + what I'll get from farming herbs. If I farm these trees every day, I should be 99 in about 220 days from now and with pretty much zero cost, which is nice. :)





This will be done entirely at ZMI. I'll use all the 4 pouches once I reach 75 Runecrafting, an abyssal lurker and I'll bank at ZMI using the cheapest runes I'll be able to get. This really won't be a problem, because I like clicking. It'll just take a bit longer.





I'll hunt Draconic jadinkos in the Herblore Habitat, which will be very fast xp and it's also fun. Hunter is one of my favourite skills. I may make some videos of me hunting them aswell.





I'll most likely build oak dungeon doors or mahogany tables. That will depend on how much money I'll have though. I may save this 99 for the end of the journey, because I'll have a bit more money.





I'll use charms I'll get from Slayer and from bosshunting. It should cost quite a bit, but I think it won't cost that much. I'll use the pouches that'll have the best gp/xp ratio. I may also do some Rock lobsters before 99 Slayer if I'll want a pack yak.





I'll do Dungeoneering mostly in world 117, but once I reach level 90 I'll try world 148. I may also join a clan and form teams there. Dungeoneering is fun, so this should be one of the enjoyable skills. :)



Well, I made it to the end, and if you read this all, a BIG congrats! :) I can assure you that posts won't usually be that long, but I just wanted to tell everyone on how I plan to get 99s. It was very tiring, but now the path is drawn. All I have to do now is start working on it! :)

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