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Recipe for disaster went green



After I defeated those beasties from The Elder Kiln quest (those new and improved Tzhaar look awesome by the way) I immediately felt more powerful. In part that was caused by gaining a combat level, and gaining a second one with the Early Bird Bonus. So it came to it that, after doing a Barrows run, I felt strong enough to try and take another shot at killing Karamel. The Karamel from the final fight in the Recipe for Disaster quest. I started that quest when it came out a couple of years ago, but because I obviously did not have the levels I got stuck at the final fight. It remained there on my quest list, three small yellow words at the op of the list. Recipe for disaster not finished yet, they shouted at me. At first I found that real annoying, I hate loose ends. But in order to finish it, I needed Desert Treasure and given my poor magic levels back then, that was totally not an option. So those three small yellow words stayed at the top of my quest list, and every now and then they got company for a couple of hours because of the quests I was doing.

Because of the access to Ancient Magicks, which had appealed to me for a long time, I finally decided to do Desert Treasure anyway, ignoring the advice from the friends in Friend Chat, saying that it might be a good idea to level magic some more because of some stat draining beasties. I decided to take super restore potions instead. It took a couple of deaths, but since I have a twelve-minute-gravestone I wasn't really worried by that. I would just get to my gravestone in time, get my stuff back and continue bravely on. And thus I did. In the end I managed to get those diamonds and all and finish Desert Treasure. Last hurdle to the Rfd-final fight taken. I teleported to Lumbridge, geared up and went into the portal. Both Agrith-Na-Na and Flambeed I managed to defeat, but then I was confronted with Karamel, who kept freezing me over and over again. Since I went in melee-style, I obviously died on her, and was real happy to have a gravestone. I tried again, with the same results. After that I got fed up with it, and decided to leave it for a moment.

A couple of weeks later, and after the Kiln quest, I felt confident enough to try Karamel again. Remembering that freezing I decided to go in with Magic, armed myself with enough runes for a lot of Fire Wave spells, some prayer potions just to be sure and Tuna Potatoes. Well, those fire waves really hit the mark, some time after I went in i suddenly saw Karamel dying. Wow, i succeeeded! On came Dessourt, who really did not prove much of a challenge, I found him easy to defeat. Or maybe my idea of easy and difficult was changed somewhat, after those Kiln and Karamel. I had to get out and gear up again for that Gelatinnoth Mother, and I kinda cheated by checking the tip.it guide on that, because I wanted to know what those colour changes meant. Being prepared and using the right spells at the right colour, I managed to defeat that beasty too, and before I knew it I faced to Culinaromancer himself, and killed him.


And suddenly I faced this box in the middle of my screen that said "Quest complete!"




After all that time finally I had finished Recipe for Disaster.

It wasn't there at the top of my quest list anymore, no three small yellow words that said "Recipe for Disaster". It's now green, and it hides somewhere in that large list of green quests which I normally keep hidden.


I'm still not really used to the absence of those yellow words.

And of course I bought Barrows gloves from the chest :)


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I quite like your writing :D It's a quest I finished a long time ago but your story actually made me enjoy that moment again! Keep on writing away!

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Dem sexy gloves :)


And you have a way with words, keep it up :P

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