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Kill them Vyres



These last few weeks the lands of Gielinor did not see much of me. Too much real life getting in the way, most of it connected to either work or first aid courses. Which does take priority over scaping in my mind. But nevertheless I saw the coming of the morytania achievement diaries.


JaGex made me real curious a week before they came out, and in a very clever way too: they accidentally released the morytania diary, but without any content. That got me *so* curious! I just couldn't wait to know what the diaries would contain. On friend chat we speculated a little, wondering whether we would have to do things like barrows runs, or something with ectotokens. We also wondered whether jagex would seize the opportunity to make ectotokens actually useful. Because at the moment you can't really spend them anywhere. Anyway, whatever I expected, i did not expect to have the levels to complete the hard diary. I thought I'd get easy and medium levels, and that would be it.


When they came out I immediately scrolled through the tasks; and as far as I could tell I could do a lot of them. I might even be able to get the hard set done! So I went to work, teleporting to the ectofuntus, doing some temple building at the Shades of Mort'ton, smithing cannonballs at the Port Phasmatys furnace, enjoyed a game of skull ball and navigating the Haunted Mines. What a maze those haunted mines are by the way, I totally forgot about that. And I'm planning to totally forget about it again. And when I finally managed to harvest some bittercap mushrooms I got the message to visit Robin in Port Phasmatys. I didn't even remember where Robin was, so I ended up running around Port Phasmatys for over fifteen minutes checking all the ghost villagers before I discovered Robin was a human being in the local pub. Despite all that, I was the proud owner of level 2 morytania pants, and immediately longed for a morytania plateskirt instead of the pants. With the same benefits of course. Now for the hard tasks! I set myself to kill Tarn, and got my salve amulet enchanted in the process, and in general completed almost all hard tasks. Except the one where you have to cast-bloom with an Ivandis flail with 200+ vyre cremations on it. I had like seven or so. And since burns are personal, lending isn't an option.


So now I'm frantically killing and cremating Vyres the moment I log on, because I do want to have the hard set done before April 11 and I very much hope it's the only task left for me.

I really want to get that lovely early bird bonus.

Fortunately I finished the Branches of Darkmeyer quest, so I can use a blisterwood polearm to kill them.


Watch out, you Vyres, for here I come!


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Oh silly, you already got the early bird bonus, it was an extra 15k xp lamp you got for finishing Easy and Medium :P

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Naive is right early bird is only easy and medium :thumbsup: but don't let that stop you killing those vyres lol, good luck!

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