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  1. yeah, sadly that's all the bloody wheel gives me :\ so I have some to waste especially with daily challenges giving spins
  2. Oooo I forgot about the Morytania Tasks, I have that reward already :) I also have the blacksmith outfit. Lol if I worked it out right, unaided it would take 28 weeks, however with the blacksmith outfit and necklaces its 14 weeks, which will be a tad faster at Morytania. O_o hmmm perhaps ill go with Cannonballs till I get bored then move to a faster method.
  3. Hi Guys I have been trying to get my smithing up to finish the last of my Varrock tasks, however I have now realised Cannonballs make a little cash, and since I am quite happy here smithing I may try to get 99. My question is, While it will no doubt be slow, is cannonball smithing the easiest method for getting 99 and making cash?
  4. It's been a while...

  5. Hi Guys, Not sure if this is the correct place for this, :?: What are the chances someone will/could sell me 5k of Irits for 900 each?? (4.5mill) :lol: I can only ask.... rofl
  6. Hi Guys What is the best/quickest thing to range at level 75 if you just want levels? Its next on my hit list for all skills over 80, but its been so long since i ranged anything lol. :^_^:
  7. Hi Guys, I was looking over the requirements for the Beacons, - all fired up mini game. I have the gloves and ring but wanted to get the axe as well, one of the beacons says to talk to the NPC I need 81 summoning. My question is do I need to talk to the NPC/beacon guard to light it?? Or can I store logs there and light it without speaking to them?? Thanks :^_^:
  8. Its raining AGAIN! -_- boooooo....

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Don't worry, there's plenty to do on a rainy day. =)

  9. Hi Lovely

    Yes I did season 8 should be good, I need to catch up on a few for season 7 first >.< I am heading to another con in two weeks, to see Bobby, Lucifer and a few others. ^_^ cant wait! going to take an epic amount of pics hehe

  10. My gf and I are also big Supernatural fans. I showed her the pic of you with Jared and Jensen and she's very jelly.

    Did you hear that they announced an 8th season? Woot. :D

  11. Work full of stress, all I want to do is go home and kill stuff in pest controll >.<

  12. Congratulation I knew you could do it :mrgreen:
  13. thanks Octarine, and Will ill keep that in mind and my fingers crossed hehe since I dungeon with someone who has 120 that may help.
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