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One skill left to go



Last time I told you all about how I was striving for 70+ in all skills. Well, I've been gradually making progress at that, albeit slow. Especially the skills I dislike the most take a lot of time. I prefer to use my sometimes limited scaping time to do fun things. For example, I like to runespan, because that's mostly afk and I can take the time to pay attention to the dearly beloved HYT! friend chat. Because runespanning is so easy, I am thinking of getting my first 99 in runecrafting. But I dismissed that, for getting a 99 does not really appeal to me. The 70+-goal still does appeal to me, I must say. And because of a diversion of the grind I felt I needed, I am unexpectedly almost there.

I was at the point where I only needed to level farming, hunter and dungeoneering. As I don't really like these skills, I was already dumping my penguin points into them. When I had 67 farm I suddenly felt like doing a quest. At the moment I have the levels to complete every quest but Within the Light (that one needs 75 ranged). I heard stories about While Guthix Sleeps being a great quest, so I decided to give that one a ago. After surviving Love Story's Zenevivia I can take on anything, right? It was an interesting quest, and I managed to did most of it without a quest guide, and without hints. The puzzles and all were great fun, and I needed a week before getting to the boss fight. Okay, it was a busy week, I had only time to scape for an hour or two in the evening. But it was a fun quest. And when I completed all potions thingys I put all of the dolmen on the table, the barrier unlocked and I ran southeast.


And there it was: the Stone Of Jas. And when I touched it, a guardian appeared called the Balance Elemental. Given it's high 400-ish combat level, I reckoned he was the Endboss for the quest. Since Vanstrom and Char I must have been improving at quest bosses, because I only died five times before beating him. At first, I pulled out my polypore staff and some broad bolts. I felt that didn't really work, I tried melee-ing with my trusty abbyssal whip, but I didn't feel comfortable with that either. After dying for the fifth time I decide to figure out what good regular bolts were, got my runite crossbow and went to GE to buy diamond tipped bolts. Enchanted of course. A couple of minutes later, the Balance Elemental was dead.


Wow, that sure was easier than I expected.

Hey wait, are those tormented demons materializing? Well, I was standing real close to the Stone of Jas when they appeared and I discovered that staying close to the stone improves your health and combat stats significantly. I slayed those two tormented demons like a pro. And suddenly I was staring at the Quest Complete box.


One of the rewards was four times 100k xp in a skill. I picked farming and hunter of course, and managed to get both of them at lvl 70. So now I only have dungeoneering left to level. Unfortunately, I really hate dungeoneering. But I need to dg anyway: I need both the xp and the tokens if I want to level. Because, at 80 attack (and I'm 78 at the moment) you unlock the chaotic rapier and all. Provided you have the correct dungeoneering level.


I really need to teach myself to dg properly. At least I managed to unlock floor 31 last evening, so now I'll maybe even learn how to team-dg.

Or maybe I'll finish some quests first (hi Nomad!) or maybe I'll finish that Iron Dragons slayer assignment. That sure sounds easier than getting a gazzillion dg-tokens.


On to the Quest Cape?

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Dg and I don't get along very well either, Queen. I'm 74 and haven't unlocked any floors past ten. :P That's the one I'd say to pour your points into if you don't feel like teaming.


Glad to hear you finished WGS! Nomad is pretty difficult, but good luck with him, too. That quest cape is almost in your grasp!

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