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Yaiks! It's the Pest Queen!



A couple of weeks ago I had one skill left to go to reach my all-skills-70-plus goal. Well, I have been making progress at that using pengy points, tears of guthix xp and troll invasion points. They got me 69 dungeoneering so far. I didn't do any actual dungeoneering; so I am still stuck with an insanely low amount of tokens. Every now and then it bugs me that I am nowhere near an arcane necklace or some cool chaotic weapons. But oh well. I just don't have the patience for dg, I'm just gonna have to learn to live with that I guess. In any case I'm just a week or maybe two off from my 70-goal, for I am gonna dump all free xp into dungeoneering now, including the Jack-of-all-Trades points and possible SoF-lamps.

The good news is that last week I managed to scrape together the courage to face the iron dragons. I was told by my Slayer Master to kill fourty of them. It took me half a polypore staff, but I managed to kill all requested fourty Iron Dragons. I even managed to kill a Steel Dragon who attacked me when I just finished off my last Iron Dragon. So now I am not afraid of them anymore, and I want to level my combat so I can melee them in the future. As for slayer, I think I will take some lower-level assignments, maybe from Mazchna or so, and then do some range-slaying. I now have 72 range level, but since I want to do the Within the Light Quest I need 75. And when I'm levelling range anyway, I might as well kill two birds with one stone and get some slay xp along the way.


As far as questing is concerned, I got myself kind of in a predicament.

I started The Void Stares Back, figuring that I should be able to kill the Pest Queen. I managed to defeat the Balance Elemental too, right? I even got along rather nicely at first, without needing a guide. Even that conquest-game against the pests I managed to win; I only lost once there. But then I faced the Pest Queen. She maybe just a bunch of pixels, but she looks real scary! And invincable too! Those damn beasties are constantly healing her faster than I can hit her, and I shouted to my laptop: "hey, that's no fair!", among other nasty things. I really love my laptop for not BSOD'ing on me for all that.

I think the Pest Queen is gonna be even more of a challenge than Char and Vanstrom combined, and you all know how "easy" I found those two. So far I died about five times to her, read some manuals and watched some videos. Damn defilers. Well, albeit a difficult assignment, I am gonna kill her someday. And then I will be the proud owner of a real Korasi Sword. I got to wield it in the Pest Queen fight already, and I love how it looks and how it hits and all. But I need to practise a lot on killing the pest queen, on spotting those defilers and all. I wonder whether I will make it before the combat update!


For now I am happy relaxing, pest queen avoiding and doing some LRC mining. Coal deposits of course, since my mining level is only 78 and I don't feel like potting or so at the moment. I'll get 80 mining in due time, and get some nice coal along the way to sell at the GE for some nice extra geepee. I got 80 constitution during my Iron Dragon task, and I can now equip a whole range of new, yet expensive armour, like torva and all. Maybe I will look into all that armour tonight after work and household chores.

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You'll get her eventually, just need practice :)


Good luck on it, and gratz on the levels :D

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