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Today is another updated blog note.



Well, school is no joke. Since OSU witched to semester I’ve been forced to enroll in 4 courses to stay a fulltime student. Normally I’d be upset. I tried a 4 class load before and it was horrible. But lucky for me a semester is about 15 weeks and classes are a tad longer. 4 and 3 days a week classes are about an hour while the 2 days a week classes are an hour and 20 minutes. Lab are still long 2 hours or more, but hopefully I’d wouldn’t have to deal with that. But with school here and work study in most my days, RS playing will decrease by a bit. It’s likely to become a weekend thing.




Speaking of RS I got 80 defense thanks to a long black dragon slayer task, and a few white knights to chew up a bit of exp. Along with all that and 2 quest came 57 agility, 46 hunter, 76 attack, 79 constitution, and a 105 combat. Now only 5 more combat levels, and 10 quests to go until Dominion Tower.


Much to my disappointment, I have done any dungeoneering, which means it will take longer to get 80 Dung and chaotics. While I can wait (quest are more important right now) I’ll be mighty jealous going monster hunting with friends with chaotics. But 200k tokens don’t seem far away one day at a time.


I also want to lvl hunter as high as possible, so 50k exp a day a play seems possible to get there quickly. I mostly 74 hunter (70 just to get to herblore habitat). At that lvl I can get supplies to make farming boost. In my never ending quest to make money, getting this lvl would boost profits by a lot.


Until next time.


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