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An update



So...I haven't been blogging at all. Not that my life is exciting in the least bit, but I'm keeping my readers uninformed. But here’s a little more about my life.


Sunday, the south part of campus resident hall flooded. To my knowledge, it had something to do with a water main break. So of course students living on that part of campus had to evacuate their resident halls and as of now, students are sleep in our recreational facility, the RPAC. Now, I’m not a south campus resident but the water main break did effect me a bit. Sadly, the resident hall water system is all centrally connected. And because the water pressure is all jacked up, I had no shower for that night/morning. No one did. I’m not so sure about West/Central Campus (which is just two towers located near the RPAC) but North Campus residents had to go the RPAC and use their showers.


I say, it’s not very fun waking up at 5am in morning to get a nice shower, which doubled sucked because I am responsible for opening the on campus office I work at on Mondays at 8am. Today, however; showers are a bit better. Thou, you’d have to take a quick shower to have some hot water at least I can get some clean water from my sink now. Hopefully everything will be cleaned up by tomorrow.


As for my Runescape life, well I failed at dungeoneering. I truly hate the skill but I know it’s only because I’m not good, and I dislike the experience rates I get. I’ll have to work on getting to floor 35 so my prestige can net me some good experience. And I’ll have to learn to group dungeoneer so I can just rush earlier floors and get by 35 floors in great time. One of these days I pop into the EOE chat a dung with a few of them to learn.


I also failed at 50k hunter experience a day. School requires a lot while I find time to log on I have 10,000 other things I wanna do. I have to decide if it’s better for me to quest or level. So for the most part I just do the Hunter D&D when I remember.


So I’ve decided it’s probably in my best interest to do as many quest as I can and do slayer while farming. With the coming EOC on the way the more I find out, the more my interest change. Simply put I’ve hearing that chaotics are now only marginally better. Marginally. I remember A Local Guy mentioning that Goliath gloves now tie as the best 2 handed weapon in the game with the Chaotic Maul. So time before that someone mentioned a Vine Whip is the next best substitute for a rapier (despite two different attack styles). While I do want a rapier I’m better of doing slayer for now.

So I’m gonna be working on a series of quest to get into Dominion Tower and get 85 attack/80 slayer. Considering I have only 77 attack, it seems like a long way. But with 12 of 20 quests needed to get in I’ll still need 81 attack/strength to get 110 combat. I might as well go for it through slayer. The weekends when I have more time can be spent doing a bit of dung. I still need a few scrolls and other item even if I don’t get a rapier.


Until next time


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Having a water pipe break definitely sucks. When I was in High School we had one break in the Music department wall over the Christmas break and when we got back found that nearly $5000 of fund raising chocolate had been ruined. :( At least didn't really affect our daily lives like yours has.


Good luck with your DG goals. Low levels definitely take forever to get through, but I'm finding that the xp rates get better as your prestige gets higher.

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EoE welcomes anyone who's willing to be taught, even if we don't DG as much as we used to :P


Pop in anytime

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