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Back to blogging maybe.



So I've blogged in weeks because I'm a loser and lazy. I've been mostly doing school work and runescape whenever I can. anywho, I'm still working on my goal of 80+F2P skills/70+ P2P skill and I'm getting there, thou I've decided to just get 70+ for now in all skills. All my P2P goal except theiving, slayer, and fletch is met with dung and smithing being the only F2P left. I'll likely hold off on dung for as long as possible but meh. I've also decided I should become a quest cape noob since I do enjoy quest rewards. In my last post I mentioned something about Dominion Tower and getting in. Well, I did it. Having reached that fabled boss land I will now attempt to earn Goliath gloves. I need a whoile lost more quest which include Nomad. Not looking for to him.


anywho, I don't feel like much of a post today but tomorrow I'll try to be more into my blog.


Until next time


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You could always mention how distracting Skype can be sometimes, and your progress on your newb account. You know the one I'm talking about :twisted:


Good luck with Nomad Polar <3: He's gonna be a [bleep], but you can take him! <3:

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