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Cheating on the Pest Queen



During the august and september sizzling summer I have been a member. Not really surprising, as I have been a member since 2006. But, because I have been a member, I got both the 70k xp and the fate cards today.

In hyt chat we discussed both these things since the news about them first came out. I doubted a lot as to which skill I would use the XP on. I settled on money-draining skills, which narrowed the choice down for me to summoning, prayer, construction and herblore. While the lazy hazy summerdays passed I managed to save up enough money to buy enough dragon bones and enough oak plank to get me 80 prayer and 80 construction. (I'm still working towards 80-base remember). So, that left herblore and summoning. Since I felt herblore was more important than summoning, I finally decided to use that 700k xp on herblore.

Today I got the promissory note. I exchanged it for 7 100k-xp lamps and am now only 65k xp away from 80 herblore. I still have to do Troll Invasion for octobre, and will use that xp for herblore too. When that's not enough, I will add either some jack-of-trades-xp or some penguin-points xp, depending on how much xp I still have to go after spending the Troll Invasion xp. I think I will have 80 herblore by the end of the week.

But, besides that promissory note I also got the fate cards. Obviously. Ever since I heard about them, I wanted to use one on the Pest Queen. I tried and died on her ever so much. So much, that I knew that my only alternative to insta-kill-darting her was levelling up my combat a lot, then training myself in the use of spirit kyatts, and, most important, levelling up herblore to at least level 82, so I could use a mature greenman's ale to boost to level 84. And then make recover special potions. I discovered I really needed those in the fight against the Pest Queen, since I had to use the Korasi special so often to prevent the Queen's special attack.

Yesterday my hyt buddies began reporting getting the cards. And the insta-kill darts. My mind starting churning over my plan to use a dart on the Pest Queen. It felt like cheating. Wouldn't I be more proud of myself if I actually did the fight? On the other hand, I suck at fighting in rs, and I really suck at bossing. The Giant Mole is boss enough for me. Barrows still scares me, even though I discovered it's absolutely doable, even for me. So I decided that using an instakill dart would be really cheating. But I also knew I wanted to cheat. I just hated the Pest Queen so much. When I got the cards today, I exchanged one for an instakill dart and talked to Sir Tiffy in Falador Park. And I used that dart on the Pest Queen.

I hope I never ever run into her again. And I still absolutely disagree with everyone who says she's easy.



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She is easier in the dominion tower (probably due to levels) but she can be a huge pain during the quest, for sure.


How close are you to 80+ all skills?

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