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Mahjarrat rituals and quest cape



Quite a while ago I started the quest called The Ritual of the Mahjarrat. It had quite a spectacular start: I had to check out Mos le'Harmless, because something unusual was going on there. When I got there I was sent outside the city gates, and died quite fast-ish. Someone or something was hurling fireballs at me! I figured I might live if I dodged them fireballs by hiding behind the trees. And thus I went to the eastern part of the island, hopping from tree to tree. Secretly peeking around the stem of the last tree before the eastern beach, I saw a couple of Dragonkin. Ew! Quickly I reported back to Sir Tiffy, because obviously he wanted to knew about those scary creatures.


He took me to the archives and after some rummaging around there, he told me I had to go find Robert the Strong. Robert the Strong? Oh wait, isn't that Bob the Cat? I looked everywhere in gielinor, and finally found that cat at the Troll Mountain. Talking to him was quite difficult, because attacking trolls kept interrupting us. "Stupid trolls", I thought to myself. Well, at least I found Bob. He gave me his collar, which contained two fairy ring codes that directed me to some place called Kethsi. After some puzzling and some looking around in Kethsi I got some tetrahedrons, some notes. I had to run around and climb up and down walls and ladders. It felt like a mini-version of the city of Meyerditch. Finally I found the information we needed and I could report back to Sir Tiffy. I ended up with stuff I needed to prepare the ritual site for the Mahjarrat Ritual. It was real far north, out in the snow and the cold. As ordered I placed the beacons and Arrav's heart and all.


A cutscene appeared after I touched the Stone of Jas, and some guy called General Khazard wanted to kill me. Yaips! And he had a dog too! I teleported out (thank you, Ectophial!), went to the nearest bank and pulled out my trusty dragon armour, along with some food and some prayer potions. Back I went to General Khazard. When I tried to kill him, he summoned his dog again. I tried killing the dog, but it kept coming back. After a couple of tries, I lured it to a tree and managed to get him stuck there. Now, I had my hands free to kill General Khazard. And thus I did. Another cutscene showed me the appearance of Lucien. He summoned Ice Titans, and I had to kill two of them.


I went in to that fight without restocking, thinking I would just ectophial my way to safety when my health got too low. Well, that didn't really work out as I planned. I managed to kill the first Ice Titan, and nearly killed the second, when he killed me. I found myself back in Edgeville. Thank Guthix for gravestones! I returned to the gravestone to collect my gear and went to the bank to restock. After that I went back to the ritual site. I had two Ice Titans to kill. Upon entering the site I changed my camera angle somewhat, because I learned the hard way that Lucien throws black skull-thingies which hit hard if you don't run from it. Now that I went in fully restocked, and I knew how to dodge those black skulls, it was relatively easy to kill those Ice Titans. Yet another cutscene, and Lucien now summoned Ice Demons. I had to kill those too. In I went, without restocking, and of course I died. At least I died while killing the second Ice Demon. I once again went to get my gear back and restocked. In I went again and managed to kill those Ice Demons. Even though they did try to trap me with those icycles they threw.


Once again a cutscene.


Somehow I had to kill armoured zombies now. It was beginning to look like a series of slayer tasks. In any case, after those Ice Titans and Ice Demons, some armoured zombies weren't exactly the most exciting beasties to slay. I slayed them and managed to lure Arrav to his heart. Then Azzanadra suddenly wanted me to fix the south beacon, it broke apart. To add to the fun, something called a glacor attacked me with what looked like magic. Quickly I put up the protect-magic prayer and turned auto-retaliate off. After collecting the four beacon parts, assembling it and putting it back up again, I got another cutscene. I watched the ritual finish, how two Dragonkin appeared, who killed Lucien just like that. They must be really tough creatures, to be able to kill someone like Lucien that easily.


In any case, after hiding the Stone of Jas (so those Dragonkin wouldn't come messing with us again) we went back to Draynor, saw a vision of the Dragonkin destroying it, and suddenly I found myself at Falador park. Quest complete.


Wow! I managed to survive all that! I managed to die only four times!

The Ritual of the Mahjarrat being the last quest I needed to complete, I teleported to Draynor, to the wise old man, and got myself a nice, good looking quest cape. And I am ever so proud of it!

Even though I did cheat at the Pest Queen and Nomad with those instakill-darts. But hey, there were difficult. At least for me. Those darts were worth it 100%.





PS: of course I used the xp lamps from the quest to get some skills nearer the magical 80!

At the moment I am at the point where I need to level only five skills: dungeoneering, slayer, hunter, farming and summoning.

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