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Surprise Surprise!




Status: Level 77

Sanity: :D:D:D:D

XP to next lvl: 103k

Agility Tickets: 40

1000 Tickets Reached- 3 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH!





Heeyy guuyss fancy seeing you here :) ;) :P


xxamzyxx's fabulous update is right up above now, making good progress I'm very pleased and to be honest its only onwards and upwards :)

Max is still being a big pain xxamzyxx seems to think he will notice her somehow... I don't know whats going through her head lately.


Much to mysurprise actually I had quite a shock, there was like a party of people at the Agility course today it was very refreshing haha and....kinda weird and whats more weird THIS IS A HAPPY POST!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME! the drugs I'm taking must be working wonders haha ( thats a joke drugs are bad!)


* Amy is fully aware that advertising drugs on a blog is bad shes not stupid, go out get pissed thats the way to fly.*

So anyway thought it would be cool to find out who else is on this harsh journey of 99 agility like myself?

Or maybe trying to achieve 99's in other skills, it would be cool to hear if your sanity is still intact or not :P

Night guys :)

Au Revoirrr x




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