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The Circle Of Life




Heeyy guys.


Yes unforunatly the EOC ( Evolution of Combat) has arrived and MAN!!!! does it suck! > :-|.

I'm a woman of simple tastes I only just got used to the other updates and now they throw other shit at me. I deffinatly wasn't a fan of it coming out but hey there must be a majority that does to make them release it but ofcourse there are problems which I have noticed and I'm not happy with it.


What my friend pointed out was a good point... they don't have the icon whether you want to :







or Defence ( can't remember what its called)


Combat Level... Hello? where is it? Am I meant to just guess?



EDIT!: I have realized after carefully looking that it is 178... ok why has that changed? and for that matter you don't even see players combat levels anymore you just see their total levels... ERR WHY? whats the point in having a combat level then wasn't that the entire purpose to lets us all see?. I don't give a crap about someones total level NO EVEN ASKS ABOUT IT ANYWAY AHHHH!!




So how the hell can I train defence what will I need? and on top of that once I finished my attack leveling that will mean I will need to carry around a slash weapon for when I change and something different ( I'm guessing for defence!) and that costs vital Inventory space for food. The icons make no sense in the magic book icon I just wanna kill the damn thing not do any special moves and then today when I finished that crumby tutorial... (really a tutorial? I feel like I'm a newbie again) in the circle of life.





I couldn't find my HOME TELEPORT! holy moly I thought I actually lost it, took me 5 minutes to realize that I had to click on the magic hat...... yes I did feel stupid.







The tutorial took me awhile to actually complete, from all this shit though one thing caught my eye the minute I logged on and that was the HP! What the hell!....


88.........880.........somehow =3520????!!!!???????



HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK??? why did they need to change it now it makes no sense!!! EXPLAIN JAGEX EXPLAIN! the combat was getting old ok I get that you wanna keep up with the new techno on games but why mess with the HP!!! it worked perfectly and to be honest it wasn't that long ago that it got changed.... START MAKING SENSE JAGEX!! START MAKING SENSE!!!!




sigh! I've even heard people have quit because of this update and I'm not surprise I'm so happy I'm not doing combat at the moment because I would get nothing done. Even completing the tutorial was a celebration all on its own :






Now there a reaction of relieved players for sure.



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You can change your attack style by clicking the xp button (next to the retaliate button in your combat menu thing) :)

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