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Status: Level 80


XP to next lvl: 198k

Agility Tickets: 7

1000 Tickets Reached- 4 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH!





I've kinda realized that all I've been doing is moaning about all the bad stuff about the new update.



So because I reached another 1000 tickets another break is due!! yyyaayy.................................................


I had a daily challenge in construction which is kinda handy because its another one of my most hated skills so I managed to get up 12 levels to level 50. Its odd how I was so determind to get it to 45 anyway but by one daily challenge I got past that in less than 15 minutes..... BOOAYYHH!!!.

That therefore unlocked some quests for me to do.. now you guys don't know this at all but when I first became member I was a quest junkie and that got most of my levels up which was perfect! and generally it got you kinda used to how big the map had become. Referencing back to my first post I was a F2P for about 7 years so it was a massive step.



This got me really excited because I hate having random reds in my lines of green that I have completed. However there was one quest that I kinda gave up on and that was Recipe for disaster reason? because it was sooooo long! to be fair I only had that monkey to free and the falador dude. But back then when I read what I need to free the monkey like the greegrees I thought ahh I cba.

Well I kinda got my head outta my ass and finally decided to do it so I had to make them stupid greegrees and get about 3 monket talismans off of that stupid child monkey.. ( seriously hes that naive to give me 3!?).


So I already had the orginal Monkey greegree, I needed a Gorrilla, Ninja monkey ( omg how awesome does that sound!) and a zombie monkey greegree. Even though it was a pain to get the results made it worth it!


Reason? Let me show you:





OMFG! thats just gotta be the best thing ever!. It kinda reminded me of the Tank in Left for dead 2 which made even more awesome!


Another one of my favourites was ofcourse this one!:





Its come to my attention that you can't really see the ninja monkey that well but if you havent done this quest yet... I would highly recommend its alot of fun and if you don't think charging around like a gorrilla is not fun,,, then your just.......gay lol.





Other quests that I completed included:


The penguin saga- Some like it Cold, Hunt for Red Raktuber

Swan song


In Pyre Need ( was very short :S)



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