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My RS-resolution



So Happy New Years, everyone!

These last few weeks/month my runescape-time has been very limited. There's this thing called "outside" getting in the way :) So much to do and so little time! I foresee that my scaping time will remain limited the upcoming weeks and months, so I decided to somehwat let go of my 80-base-goal. Especially since two new skills will be coming out this year. I still need to level farm (yes I know, farm runs), hunter (bigchin!), slayer (slooooooooooow), summoning and dungeoneering. I will continue to pour lamp/jot/troll invasion xp into these skills, and I promised myself I will do at least one game of bigchin each time I am on. But other than that, I won't pursue any goals anymore.


Or so I thought last Monday.


But of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't come up with something new virtually immediately. Subconsciously the idea took hold in my mind months ago, and yesterday my subconscious kicked that idea into my conscious mind. I decided that I would do it. I even made an rs-resolution out of it.


I will learn to gwd this year.


My hyt buddies already advised me on necessary gear, so my first goal is to acquire Ahrims, Karils and Torags. Plus an item of each god. Maybe I will skip bandos and use Oog'logs bandos-pool instead. And I moved my armadyl-pendant from the "useless stuff"-tab to my "battle-gear"-tab in my bank.


Next I will check out how to get there. And maybe take a look inside. I should be able to die without real losses if I take nothing with me. Just to see what it's like downthere in the God Wars Dungeon :)




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Saradomin and zamorak capes are good for maging at Kril and Zilyana, both also count as a god item.

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