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  1. Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Not the first time Jagex has used other things to base RS content off of, RS pretty much has the Dark Soul's armour of black/white knight.
  3. I fail to see how this is any different than completing buy offers. The items still come in to the game and the money 'paid' still leaves the game. I also fail to see peoples major aversion to the small supply surge causing a bit of a price dent - the reason they are stuck in the first place is because their ge values are too high compared to their related products. They NEED to come down in value in order for the market to move correctly. It is different because money is going out but there is a chance of a sigil coming into supply, it's a money sink and doesn't cause a lot of sigils/shields to come into the game suddenly.
  4. Depending on the amount, filling the offers can create a massive supply of sigils. Have a charity shop, instead of the well, people can donate, the amount donated by a person then allows them to have a chance of recieving a certian item which has been stuck in the ge e.g. sigils. This way money leaves the games and a large supply of items doesn't enter the game.
  5. Which is everything wrong with this. Once again, Jagex failed to find any semblance of balance. Challenging content is good-- Vorago is challenging, but not impossible, even if you only have t80 gear. Thus far, only the the best of the best, with the best in slot gear, can accomplish this. Even though THOSE [bleep]ing people don't even need any of this because they have already got so much wealth they can never spend it all. Second day, people still need to learn the mechanics and have the time to actually spend on it. It is not the weekend yet.
  6. If people actually bothered to read all of my points instead of seeing one and then focusing it, you would see that I have said the problem is with teams and LS/CS.
  7. It does have a decent drop rate and is not hard at all, it is people like you who are constantly saying its too difficult which puts people off trying.
  8. 1 hour of QBD or 2 hours of frosts, Leik has a QBD guide somewhere I think, might be on his blog.
  9. Yak adds extra kills, takes a few secs to fill up and stops banking for a while, it is best to use it.
  10. Because I go for speed and tank everything.
  11. Yak extends trip by around 1/3 which makes it around 30mins, just enough for overload flask.
  12. Except that Vorago takes 4x as long to kill as Nex does. Thus, drops may as well be 4x rarer. Yet there can be multiple fights of vorago on 1 world. But are there usually that many per world? I admit I don't really know but if few are going to vorago then it doesn't really matter how many can. And the reason why people aren't going to vorago is the LS/CS system. If/when this gets sorted, a lot more people will go to vorago.
  13. Except that Vorago takes 4x as long to kill as Nex does. Thus, drops may as well be 4x rarer. Yet there can be multiple fights of vorago on 1 world.
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