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So Some Late Night Slaying 163 HellHounds



So ya some late night SLAYING!



I had not killed HellHounds in ages..... Like when the party room use to be in Camlot.... or is it Seers? Well the main thing is I havent fought HellHounds in awhile so to change things up i decided to go with the new Dual Wielding.





I used about 32 Sharks and had about one trip to the bank. But the task got done in about 2hrish.


I had my set up like this.




So in the end all i got was charms but i was running low on them anyway XP




So for the skills that got trained on this adventure and how close to leveling up are:


Attack: Lvl 85 - 131,263 xp till 86

HP: Lvl 83 - 10,136 xp till 84

Slayer: Lvl 65 - 14,352 xp till 66

Prayer: Lvl 62 - 21,980 xp till 63


Next time I will keep record on how much xp i gained or how much I need at the start of my adventure then at the end tell you how much left I need


Till my next adventure Cya ^.^


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