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Digging Up Some Old Dusty Things In The Bank



After a good fight at the hellhounds i started to remember the days when i use to kill them for Clue Scrolls. At the end of the trip i was disappointed that i didn't get any. But before i started getting mad at my bad luck i looked in my bank. Lets say i dont remember when or how i got this but todays adventure is to finish this clue scroll.




So my adventrue beings but also stops right there. After i went to see where the clue would take me. I remembered that i needed to start and complete the quest Watchtower.

So starts my long adventure just to complete one clue.


In the middle of the quest I took care of the statue to get some bonus xp ^.^




After some running around, making potions, throwing potions around and collecting shiny crystals . I finished the quest that been on the things i needed to do.




Here are the rewards i got from the wheel.






So with the quest out of the way i can now finish this clue. I got ther and dug in the spot in needed. I was not thing right and got in to a fight but lucky enough i did have my eqipment need to fight through.




But i was not lucky to have my adventure end there.




and i got there and had another fight >.>




Another clue but i forgot to take a snapshot but the clue said:


My home is grey, and made of stone; A castle with a search for a meal. Hidden in some drawers I am, across from a wooden wheel.


So i made my way to lumby. But this time i got my self ready for more fights cause i had a feeling that i wasnt going to finish this adventure anytime soon.

Lucky no fights this time but i got ANOTHER clue >.>




This time i am going to the wizards tower. This time a had got a puzzle..... i don't enjoy these types of puzzles but it needs to be done!




About 20mins later and no anger at all (i am happy about that XD)




But of course that could be the end of that clue nope the wizard hands me yet another clue >.>




So one quick stop at the GE. Then i was off to the fishing guild. Just for another fight >.< Got to say fight in the bank was fun and different lol




With that fight i was able to say good bye to that Clue scroll and to go find another.





So in till my next adventure Cya


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