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Witchy's bank pic as of February 11th 2014




This is the first tab when opening my bank, it has all the things I need daily. My stockpiled cash, runes, clue stuff, things I need to alch, I usually don't keep clues in my bank but that one was from yesterday and I haven't had chance to slay today so!


I'm not sure why the sirenic scales are in this tab, i'm sure it was because I was waiting for them to go up a bit.


Not sure why the uncut dstones are there too, I usually cut them and put them in the hoard.


(it looks a bit of a mess at first glance but there is logic to the madness.)




Tab two; farming! Crappy herb seeds are at the top, the second row goes ranarr, toadflax, irit, avantoe, kwuarm, snapdragon, cadantine, lantadyme and dwarf weed.






Tab three; herblore! It's not as stocked as I would like it to be, as I had to sell some to buy something.




Tab four; cooking! A little tab to stuff my food and things.




Tab five; equipables. This has my slayer armour, my third age druidic/mage and other such stuff.




Tab six; potions! I don't keep a slot for each dose, though I do tend to dump doses in there and decant them when they get too many.




Tab seven; Misc skilling stuff. SoF junk, and random other crap.




Tab eight; the hoard!






Tab nine; Things I need to sell next time I have the time. Which usually has rare slayer drops, clue rewards and impling loot.







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looks nice


1 tip tho:


use the 3 trisk key parts to complete the key, cuz you wont get the next one untill you complete the key!

(first tab)

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I usually put them together as soon as I get the third one, because I love opening them, though as I didn't have time that day I didn't do it.


However, you don't need to complete the key to get another trisk piece 1.


For example, if you're slaying jadinkos and get piece 3, the next kill you could get piece 1 if you're really lucky.

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