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Back again



Never thought it would happen, but I am playing again.


My account was stolen around 2012, apparently, and I lost everything. But dear Ard Choille gave me quite a bit to get started again.


Currently questing and pulling the low skills (Div, Dung) up to "reasonable" levels.


I suspect 2400 total will look like (26 levels):

80 Div (9)

90 Slayer (1)

89 Summoning (1)

73 Dung (3)

85 Str (1)

89 Agi (1)

85 Def (2)

90 RC (3)

90 HP (1)

89 Atk (1)

91 Smith (1)

91 Mining (1)

91 Cons (1)


We'll see if I stay interested that long. Right now, questing is kind of fun!

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Welcome back to the fold, Swampy!!  I saw you a few times log on, but no response to my pm's:(


Still quite a few of us oldies around, check it out .... if you feel lick yakking sometimes.



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