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  1. whitestrike

    Back again

    Welcome back to the fold, Swampy!! I saw you a few times log on, but no response to my pm's:( Still quite a few of us oldies around, check it out .... if you feel lick yakking sometimes. Lysistra0
  2. I"ve been playing on the German servers pretty much from the beginning, and I find plenty of German speaking people around. I really don"t see the need of complicating access for people speaking any other language, there was never any intent to limit any of the servers to a particular country. Part of the attraction of playing is the fact that you can mingle with all sorts of international players, and why should that be any different on the German servers??? If people are willing to put up with the inconvenience of having to deal with all the information in a language they don"t speak, they are welcome to play on my homeworld. I've talked to a few of those, and they don"t only come because P2P is emptier, they also come because the atmosphere is actually quite pleasant there -- a definite lack of scamming, rudeness and bots is something quite enjoyable. Even the free world has a lot less of those, and that world has been pretty full for a while now, at least during the main playing times. And I have responded often enough to the plaintive cry "Doesn"t anybody here speak any English?"
  3. Really liked your article .... I too keep my skills pretty balanced -- standard deviation is 6.05 right now --- but it somehow just works out this way for me without even trying to keep them balanced. I don't like spending days or, God forbid, weeks on any particular skill. My way is definitely not the fastest or most efficient way of levelling, but I sure enjoy bumbling around the world following my particular needs at the time. I tend to work on things that I need or have to clear out of my bank, and when I do it, I always seem to end up doing things in chains. Mining ore, stealing gems, then smithing bars and crafting jewelry, enchanting it, then to the anvil to smith --- always need knives. This of course means that I need to mine essence again to make more runes for enchanting or alching. Oh well, to alch I need to cut magics to fletch into bows, which of course also need bowstrings, I have to craft ... you get the picture. I very rarely buy anything, the only real big purchases I ever made was my nice dragon axe, a bunch of essence and some iron, but I found that I'd rather invest my money in Miscellania then deal with trading and merchanting, the only skills I really detest. :lol: My point with all this rambling is that is you are trying to be self-sufficient your skills somehow stay balanced just by themselves. Maybe not quite as balanced as yours --- mine range from 72 to 94 -- but balanced enough for my liking. You go girl, keep up the excellent work. =D>
  4. You also get cooking exp when you squeeze the fruit into the glass -- I got 5 exp per glass of fruit. I was doing summer fruit, might have to check out if it's different for the others. [inferno_char edit: Good find! I was wondering why they gave no xp, but I was checking herblore!]
  5. Great article, Swamp!! I couldn't agree more. RS can be such a fun uplifting experience when you play it with nice people ... in my opinion that's what really makes it worth while playing.
  6. Moved to the right Forum. Whitestrike
  7. Wrong forum ... try Help and Advice.
  8. Here's a couple I like: "Pretty Papers, Pretty Ribbons" -- by Willie Nelson "Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas" -- by Judy Garland And of course there's always "Snoopy's Christmas" by the Royal Guardsmen :D
  9. I just love farming!!! It's a great fire and forget skill ... no mindnumbing training for hours ... just plant something whenever you are in the vicinity of a plot, and continue whatever else you were doing. Admittedly, it's not as easy to powerlevel as some other skills, but I don't care about that anyway. There's plenty of monsters around dropping high level seeds, and Miscellania helps getting tree seeds. It only takes about 20 minutes a day to whizz around the world replanting the important plots, and it's a great source for getting herbs, especially Snapdragon and Torstol which are very hard to get in other ways. And I just love to have my very own magics to cut .... no competition!!! And those tuna taters are pretty nice too!
  10. Under the superglass spell, it says to use buckets of sand and ash. You can actually use the seaweed directly, no need to spend time cooking the seaweed first.
  11. Here you go: http://pc.firblitz.com/index.php
  12. If you prefer the safe route through the fairy rings, it helps to use glories too. From Edgeville bank you can run to the ring across the river slightly south of the bridge, go to Zanaris and immediately go to the Karamja ring from there. Then run along the Shilo Village fence to the altar, craft and tele back to Edgeville, drop your nats, fill up with essence and start again. Still a bit longer than the abyss, but cuts off some of the running. You also can fill your backpack with just essence, and don't need to wear anything except boots of lightness.
  13. You only have to pay the higher charges once until you get down to 180k ... not every bow individually. This counts for the shield too. Being tied to the person means that you only have to pay those high charges once not several times if you have more than one crystal item. And I agree ... blue dragons are a great way to make that bow pay for itself. Just be careful, since you can't wear a antifire shield at the same time...... the ogre cave has several very nice safe spots.
  14. Just a little advice, if you go the Miscellania route with farming: You better have lots of bank space, otherwise it can get difficult to collect your seeds, unless you have plenty of seeds already in your inventory.
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