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  1. Not bad although you should organize your bank so its easy to find stuff.
  2. Since MechScape is so far away from a release date, it's difficult to decide if I'll drop RS and switch to it. I know it's not good to make any assumptions but I'll assume Jagex will make a F2P version of MechScape. If so, I'll give it a try and similarly with my time in F2P RS, I'll complete all the available free-quests, train up to a respectable level in the available skills and if I really enjoy the MS, I'll pay for it. Otherwise, I'll just stick with RS.
  3. Skilling has been my primary form of money making and it'll never change even if I was some how hacked. If my some immense force upon this world, I log in one evening to find my entire bank empty, I'd first laugh at whoever took the effort to take my junk that probably adds up to some insignificant amount of geepees. All my geepees goes back to training skills in one form or another and I purposely train skills using an unconventional method to give myself a bit of a challenge. So if I lose everything, it'll just mean I'll be training skills slowly until I can get back up to speed. Besides, its not like I have equipment above rune armor and a dragon long to lose anyways. ;)
  4. As most of the regulars in Hyt chat know, I got my 99 farming roughly 5 weeks ago by now. Unfortunately, I was muted at the time and couldn't announce it properly to the chat :x . I have yet to crop and upload my screen shot of me getting 99 farming, so I'll have to do that sometime during the week :? So what's next, you might ask. I've been thinking of getting 99 herblore next since I've been training it along side with farming. I have plenty of herb seeds that I'll be using to grow my own herbs, since I've been doing that for the past 8+ months but for now, I'm taking a break and training a few neglected skills and complete the Falador and Seer's achievement diaries.
  5. 1. Run around and flaunt my untrimmed Farming cape \ 2. Farm herbs to get 99 herby while running around and flaunting my untrimmed Farming cape :lol: 3. Get 70 prayer via Fiyr shade burning while wearing my untrimmed Farming cape. 4. Did I forget to mention I have an untrimmed Farming cape?
  6. It looks like my immense quantity of low to mid level tree seeds, fruit tree seeds and the load of other stuff has paid off . Now I can laugh at all the folks that spent huge amount of gee pees on palm tree and magic tree seeds. TBH, all this time I've never planted a single palm tree or magic tree.
  7. Time to plug my blog here, hehe. My blog tends to have fits and spurts of living and dying. Honestly, I'm looking forward to getting my 99 farming. Then I'll update my mini-farming blog and submit it as a Player-Made guide and have it look all pretty and stuffs. Cele
  8. *plants dumedude56 into a farming patch* BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Now I get some sort of crazy mutant multi-fruited tree!
  9. Don't worry, I have less than 600K xp till 99 farming. I won't have any problems getting that with the amount of tree and fruit tree saplings i still have in my bank.
  10. Dume, You should use this the following for your skill level picture: [img=http://img371.imageshack.us/img371/1815/statsuh3.png] Cele
  11. Whoa! Draconic Visage eh? Excellent!!! *does air guitar emote* You gotta post the picture of it in your inventory as proof. :thumbsup:
  12. Holy moly! I got 98 farming!!! Ya-hoo!!! Joining me at my Falador yew tree patch was Matanui12321, Purepure4774, Umwhatyousay, Phermaldheid, Maulmachine4 and R I P 901. Sorry if I somehow got some of your names wrong. Thanks for coming guys! This time I remembered to bring a small gift of prayer potions and anti-fire potions with me to give out as gifts. :thumbsup: [hide=Getting 98 Farming while checking the health of a yew tree at Falador tree patch] Joining me is Matanui12321, Purepure4774, Umwhatyousay, Phermaldheid, Maulmachine4 and R I P 901.[/hide] While I was starting off on my way to level 98 farming, I managed to finish the recently released Grandmaster quest of "While Guthix Sleeps". I know I may have spent the 400K xp from the quest reward, I went ahead of poured that bonus xp into farming. This managed to push my farming ahead of schedule by at least 5 days. Now I'm on my way to 99 farming. Right now I'm abstaining from buying any more tree and fruit tree seeds of any kind since I still have a significant amount of saplings in my bank. Also I still have a copious amounts of herb seeds, poison ivy seeds, bittercap mushroom spores, cactus seeds, and now wildblood seeds. I know I uploaded my 98 level up picture and made my level up post about 5 days after the fact, I'm well on my way since I'm already down to 907K xp. Using my xp/night rate of 65K, I still need 14 days worth of farming to get 99 farming. It is quite possible that I'll get 99 farming on the 25th. I might squeeze in a weekend or two of massive farming to put the xp to at least 100K to get ahead of schedule a bit more. I can almost taste the finish line, Cele
  13. Wooot! I got 97 farming!!! Huzzah!!! Joining me at my Champion's Guild poison ivy patch was Ny Lucario and Purepure4774. Thanks for coming guys! Sorry that I forgot to bring a small gift with me to give away though #-o . [hide=Getting 97 Farming while checking the health of a poison ivy bush at Champ Guild] Joining me is Ny Lucario and Purepure4774 (the real life farmer :thumbup: ).[/hide] Referring back to my previous farming level up post, I got 96 farming on November 13th. So, getting 97 farming on November 26th means I got the level in 14 days. This time I had one huge farming day during a weekend and that pushed me ahead of schedule by one day. Since I have two more levels to go, I don't think it's necessary for me to recalculate the above estimates. I've bought another 100 maple seeds at roughly 2.5M gp to continue farming. I should be able to get 98 farming with my current stock of maple and papaya saplings, along with the copious amount of herb seeds, poison ivy seeds, bittercap mushroom spores, cactus seeds and anything else that I can throw into the mix. As I've said before, in all things in life, I can't be absolutely certain that I'll get 98 farming in 18 days so it might be a few days later. Given my nearly insane farming rate, I might get 98 farming in less than 18 days and quite possibly get too 99 before the year is out. Wish me luck! Cele
  14. :lol: Thanks for pointing that out, buy hey, anything for a cheap laugh. :lol:
  15. Hello again everybody! Just a quick farming update. With roughly 316K xp till 97 farming, I'll be getting my level up in roughly five days so it looks like I'll be slightly ahead of schedule. :thumbup: Cele
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