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  1. he huffed marshmellows for lunch
  2. ughhh this just makes me hate u2 and green day even more :wall:
  3. firecape because how often do you see some lvl 90 with one? plus it gives better bonuses and thats the whole reason I tried to get one :roll:
  4. Is there a calculator that can show you what your max hit is with a cbow?
  5. Its not so much what you think, but what your friends would think. I asked a few of them that question and the most common answer I got was killing some high-profile guy. When I say realistic, at least ask your friends or try to think what they'd say. The response is interesting :shock:
  6. I dreamed that I got shot and knifed in the same spot and when I was about to stab the guy who hurt me, I fell outta bed with a cramp in that spot
  7. I'd go to adam and eve and bust their face in before they could eat the fruit that damned us all lol
  8. going down while kicking some major [wagon] in a fight where "you were licked before you began but went through with it anyway" who can tell me where that quote came from?
  9. Wiggers, posers, hypocrites, "gangstas", racists, egoistical teachers/seniors, and once again hypocrites. Yeah i go to a Christian school and I sure as hell didn't find Jesus in their disgusting hypocrisy; rather in a friend who redefines keepin it real
  10. Avatar makes me ashamed of being Chinese with their cheesy ripoffs of our culture.
  11. ...What would your friends/family/whoever think happened? 1. I killed the neo-nazi leader in a knife/gun fight 2. I was shot by the KKK after pissing them off 3. I discovered the cure to some genetic disorder Try to make them as "realistic" as possible, even though under the circumstances it may be tempting to put something like: I became THE gangsta/pimp/whatever of NY.
  12. when barrows came out and no one knew what full guthans did, shouldve seen the price fluctuation on a chart - it'd remind you of a guy having a heart attack
  13. DOH! got owned today at wave 38 when I accidentally used range prayer and got owned by the 360 I really wonder if I can make it with only 75 ranged and 53 prayer and not using the best equipment possible
  14. Wow the old RS sounds like it kicked [wagon], sorta like the first day I began guildwars i was just in a state of :shock:
  15. Me, another friend, and some loser we picked up in the wildy as a 3 man team: My friend and I were going to BS this dude because he kept "accidentally" attacking us in multi every time we found someone to PK, so we were going to get another mage friend to come and pretend to pk her, but then all 3 of us turn around and own that noob. It would've worked except for: Me pming the noob: ok when [my mage friend] comes atk her for a bit then get the noob 5 seconds later Me: $!&$ wp...
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