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  1. I am rejoining this forum sorry I just so busy before but I should be able to RP again.
  2. Ok thanks for the map and mineral deposits
  3. Thank you kind sir :) now to do my budget *pulls out a calculator and a notebook*
  4. I will take Mars so people won't have to give land to me. The country of Prussia has just been established...more details once the new president allows the press into the country ;)
  5. Ok..I guess I will find a back up country then
  6. I would like to join as The Ukraine...could someone fill me in on what is going on (Via PM) as well 200+ pages is alot to read. If country is taken could you please PM what countrys are not taken..hopefully there are some good ones left :P My plans: * increase mineing of our mineral resources for export and other purposes * become the major supplier of the worlds bread and other food resources * less dependant on oil * safer and more nuclear power plants * clean the Chernobyl area up and find a better way to dispose or use the nuclear waste * reduce poverty by reduceing taxes on the poor and provideing more work for them * increase technological advancements
  7. so is Platium any good?..hmm I am bored so I am restarting Diamound what starter should I get :P
  8. War or a natural disaster simple as that
  9. I guess I should join Rusco... 9 things you probally didn't know about me and 1 thing you probally know about me 10. I am a boy 9. I am a Roman Catholic 8. I love to roleplay about Halo and Halo itself 7. I am can speak German amd this is my secound year of learning it 6. I was born in Amercia..New Jeresey to be accurate 5. I want to learn French 4. I am 14. 3. I enjoy writing and drawing 2. I enjoy History and Philoshiphy (Sp) 1. That this smiley face is trying to kill me ----> :mrgreen: I am on to you Mr. Green Incase you didn't know the one thing it was that I am a boy
  10. 3d6+1 5,5,6+1 = 17 3d6+1 1,6,1+1 = 9 3d6+1 2,3,5+1 = 11 3d6+1 4,6,5+1 = 16 Total 40 on the (Ooc There I hope I did that right) ICC: Mindy had finally had a chance to get above deck as the clouds had finally covered the sun. She saw several sea serpents attacking. She lunged for a small head and sliced it with her katanas.
  11. (Ooc Just making sure but is Mindy on the boat or at the base?)
  12. You wrote the wrong name on the hide tab just thought I would let you now so we have the correct name there
  13. Yay Hawks is returning :mrgreen: you should update the charcters to remobe my mercancy and add Mindy and don't worry everyone she won't hurt you unless she is thristy,you make her angry or she is thirsty. Be careful she has a bit of a temper just thought I should warn people yes I have said it once but this is very important I hope you keep that in mind especiaaly the male charcters (are there any other girl charcters?).
  14. Occ:You can get rid of Moros as yeah I would rather have a loyal guy plus I want a different race and I hope I have not missed much Heres the new one Personaly I like this better then the old one Name:Mindy Nickname:Blood (call her this) Rank:Captain Race:Vampire Pros:Strong has granite like skin,fast. she never sleeps and only requires blood for nourishment,long life (he will not die of age or disease only of wounds and being burned) Cons:Her cover is given away in sunlight,her bloodlust,often has to go away to hunt. If you tear her to shreads and you do not burn the body he will come back. She is still young..for a vampire and is still in the reckless bloodlust stage. Allegiance:Conquerors Infused Ability: She has the ability to cause a person pain with her mind an infused Vampire ability Obtained Ability:Beserker Appearance:she has pale skin and golden hair. Her eyes have bags under them. She looks live a godess. Granite like skin (it is smooth but as tough as Granite) Personality:He is very friendly...when she is not thristy. History: She was saved by a friendly vampire but turned against him and his "pack". She was found by the Conquerors and she will serve them till she dies. Weapon:Black Katanas
  15. I fully agree with you, NJE. The updates we got, unexpected as they were, are GREATLY appreciated on my part. I would have liked Summoning, but I never expected to get it in the first place. +1 I was a little disapointed at first but i got over it and got back to clan wars.
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