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  1. I'm never going to get to play a survival round. Why? My friends just suck that bad. I had a guy in melee range get a hunter off my with his autoshotty. They don't even melee the boomers. Jeez.
  2. My friends still suck.I dunno what it is.They've gone to a LAN like 3 times a week for 2 months to practice,I've not touched L4D in that time.They still let hunters do 18+ damage before whacking off,they still let boomers hit 3 of them at once.Oh,and they can't even switch off their lights.Really,if you're playing with subs I expect you to be that much better.I sure don't use subs.Its for [kitties].
  3. dragoonson


    I dunno.Was pretty popular coupl'a years back.Was a tournament involving money,I needed some.There you go.
  4. dragoonson


    Ace went to an MTG tourney,I went to a Duel Masters tourney =P. My deck was from packs 1 through 8.If I'm not wrong,15 is out.My outdated deck got me 2nd place.Out of a pool of fifty summat.It also got me 98 bucks,and a 2 dollar entrance fee refund.So a hundred bucks.
  5. Damn,wearing an N95 inhaling protection mask doesn't suit my breathability when it comes to taking aim.Luckily I can be up to a thousand yards away without cocking up,so I don't have to be in CQB =D. Good luck CQB.
  6. Pick up swordplay. Pick up Krav Magra (or something.I'm positive about Krav) Be better at archery. Use a SAR21 before next year. Perfect the M16 drop rates. Figure out the best components to put into my sniper rifle before I'm licensed to have it Be licensed to have it. Drive illegally Drive legally after that. Participate in WW3. Participate in a Zombie war. Survive. Assassinate a facist right-winged bastard.If he's not right-winged,facist or a bastard,its not right.He must be all 3. See the majestic mountain =P Outlive the guy sponsoring my bucketlist fulfillment. Not sponsor my own bucketlist fulfillment. Have enough money to do so,but not want to. Eulogise someone outside my family. Be eulogised legitimately. Coke bottle coffin. Cryogenics. Possible rebirth Transferrance of conscience to another vessel
  7. I have a week to adapt my plan to the virus being airborne.
  8. Anyone else noticed the similarity between the swine flu and the WWZ virus?
  9. Doubt its Steam,they just had a huge offer on like 5 games recently,so it may be a while till they give another one.Still,I watch out for it.
  10. WHEN I played I used a blue/white flying defensive.Somehow I tended to win -.-
  11. Yeah because the army is going to leave them lying around while being attacked by millions of rabid people.
  12. dragoonson


    I still can't bring myself to read Julius Caesar.I've done up to after Antony's speech.Still got Octavius' part to go.
  13. 1)Thats the fun of the thread,smarty. 2)Tolerance is a an interstate highway.Or it could be a deadend road. 3)High pitch noise would kill us too -.-
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