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  1. Have a good birthday!

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. I agree completely. Yeah, I'm definitely going to use it when it comes out for Chrome. Sounds pretty useful.
  5. Yeah there must be a separate randomizer for doubles and triples, because if you do the math (like I did) it ends up to lottery win numbers. ALSO I wasn't using an ammy of glory Some one has to win the lottery... therefor even if its the odds of the lottery, its been done MANY times before....
  6. I guess this is a pointless quote of a pointless reply to a pointless topic
  7. Reading the news, huh? Find me the word "vuvuzela" on any of these front pages (or any other legitimate new source). Yahoo: Top Stories MSN: Top Stories CNN: Top Stories Time: Top Stories Not everyone clicks the sports tab and certainly NO ONE will randomly search for a word as obscure as "vuvuzela." Just because someone doesn't care about a sport, doesn't mean they're stupid. Where will it get you in life knowing who won the World Cup in 1966 (or 2010 for that matter)? Oh, it won't get you anywhere. Instead of being so condescending, why don't you help the unenlightened learn? Perhaps it's because you're an arrogant individual who thinks he's better than everyone else. Wake up, you're not. Get over yourself and learn not to be an ass to everyone you talk to. http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/ Majority of Americans can't care less about the rest of the world's current events. (And this is coming from an American), therefor they only put it in the world category.
  8. What ever you say Kenny (Won't say your last name, as I believe in internet anonymity), and with that I know your last name, your address, your phone-number, your parents names (and if I cared more, their information too), your other usernames, your interests, and what communities you are apart of. it took me 30 minutes to research it all, and to connect you to your other usernames which lead to you. I could make your life extremely difficult. I could have *tons* of [cabbage] delivered to your house, I could take out purchases orders in your name that would leave you in debt. I could harass you for years, all without exposing myself, and all it took was 30 minutes to research it all. Now imagine if this post you had made had your first and last name, that would change that 30 minutes into 5 minutes. The ability for me to quickly and easily screw you over would be worth it for some angry person that you make mad on a forum. He wouldn't even have to work for 30 minutes, he already has a big part of your information...... just 5 minutes and you are being sent 20 pizzas for "your" party. Now do you understand why Real ID is a bad idea?
  9. A way to solve snipping is to allow people to modify how much they are buying/selling for. That way people can just update their trade and they would still be in front of the snipper (If they of-course originally placed they order before the snipper). It solves the whole problem while still keeping the positive aspect of the waiting-line approach that they currently have on some items.
  10. They should just create a counter in there database, when a player kills another player take what side of the triangle's weapon they used to kill the other person and what side of triangle their opponent's weapon is and get some statistics on which side of the triangle is unbalanced. TBH I think melee is overpowered, they aren't limited to what armor they wear, so if a melee sees a mage they just change to their d hide. If rangers or magers changed their armor to one of the 2 other sides, they would be extremely weak (since mage and range bonus is in the armor)
  11. ================================================================== RuneTimer RuneTimer is a web application that uses the world population page to figure out how many players are in your world, uses the population in a formula to figure out how long it will take for your rune ore to respawn, its always 5 seconds or less accurate. Features The list of features below Search the Grand Exchange for official RuneScape prices without even been logged into the game.Add infinite amount of timers in a quick, small, and easy to use interface and get a to-the-second accurate respawn time for ores.Manage which worlds have ores respawning, and how long until them.Full and Stretched themes to allow you to either have it full size or to fit into your browser window to allow you to fit it next to your RuneScape WindowEnhanced parsing method making it faster and more efficient.Works on all worlds, even the foreign language worlds.Just enter the number for the world and it will instantly add it to your timer list without having to look up world information or guess the time! Requirements Supports Any up-to-date web-browser and many old web-browsers. internet excess! Go to the Web-App! The link to use RuneTimer is here. ==================================================================
  12. Chrome FTW, go to Options > Default Search > Manage > Add Name: Grand Exchange Keyword: ge URL: http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_rs/results.ws?query=%s&price=all&members= Now just type 'ge runite ore' into your location bar and it will search for runite ore on the Grand Exchange Beats having a crappy bar on your screen for one small thing.
  13. I have played 182 days according to my log, and thats in the 7+ years i have played runescape. 182 days of the average 27375 days that people live. Who cares.. thats not even 1% of my life. If I find joy in the game, hell I am going to play it.
  14. I thought the ranks are only counted since the update? I got the second set of armor in the bank, yet it says im unranked. They game one game played per ticket to recognize the old time players. Sadly they screwed this up because they failed to count all the tickets that people stored as armour stands in their home. Thus I have 4600+ tickets yet only 1070ish games. Its significant to me because it would put me in striking distance of the pro-cape. Wow, that is lame, I actually had my suit of blue/white armor on (goes with my def cape) and they didn't count that either..
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