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  1. Thursday, September 1, 2011 It's been a while ... Up next - either burning some logs or mining in the guild Updated Goals:
  2. Saturday, January 15, 2011 My membership exploration continues - this time in the living rocks caverns. After dying quickly, Dmoc5 quickly realized that he would need to go to one of the larger, more populated worlds in order to protect himself. And so he did and found a home world - number 77. Up next - level 80 mining! Updated Goals:
  3. I'd just be interested in when the hiscores will feature a total xp rank.
  4. Thursday, December 23, 2010 It was a while, but Dmoc5 was back in action - this time, on an exclusive, members-only server! Yes, over his school break, Dmoc5 upgraded to obtain the rest of the Runescape skills. Now he was free to pursue whatever he wanted in the game, this time with only his levels, and not his choice of payment, holding him back. Dmoc5 first trained agility, wanting to use its running benefits in the future. He was rusty at first, but realized that the course he was running was ... quite easy. In fact, the food he had brought to replenish himself seemed to be a waste. Instead, he picked up a rather large amount of agility experience, while also obtaining some weird, strange rocks. I should probably pay the Living Rocks Caverns a visit ... Updated Goals:
  5. What about Skiller and Herberlore this weekend?
  6. I am a predominat IE user who uses a variety of toolbars. Tried firebox and safari but never noticed any difference so didn't bother switching.
  7. Why would the RSOF matter, other than perhaps formatting issues?
  8. Excellent! And it's on Internet explorer - best web browser! ;)
  9. lol lots of people here know skiller is first. Zarfot is gaining though
  10. You don't get the most xp per month without getting somewhat burned out
  11. I mined iron once and, coincidentally, got 2 emeralds. It's only happened once to me. I'm f2p and no amulet of glory. (Idk what that is)
  12. Monday, August 9, 2010 After some experience with the vile king scorpions, Dmoc5 realized that if he were to hang around them for 13.5 minutes, they would no longer pester him. Still, he had to occasionally leave which would cause them to forget his presence and re-start the 13.5 timer. Dmoc5 was so frustrated with the king scorpions that he even paid a level 48 warrior 4 adamantite ores to ward off the king scorpions. After a while, Dmoc5 decided to resume his superheating in the guild instead of powermining the iron in the dwarven mines. The superheating was a big success in not smithing or mining, but in magic. It was saccharine. Level 50 magic. Next up: Level 78 mining. I stopped today at 1,580,000 mining XP. I also got, for the first time, a total GOLD PIECES ONLY amount exceeding one million dollars. Updated Goals: Thank you s3lfsustaind.
  13. Not much to say. Skiller is constructing, but I think losing his lead over the fletching Zarfot (and some combat). Gertjaars still inactive, Drumgun seems to have hit a wall with xp gains compared to what he did a month ago
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