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  1. I watched a movie today called Pay It Forward. This movie is about a 7th grade boy who is givin an extra credit assignment in which he must make an effort to change the world. He comes up with an idea where he does three big favours for someone, then tells them to do three big favours for someone else, and so on. So, now I'm gonna try to start this on an online forum, and see if it makes any differences in peoples lives. I don't really expect it to change much, but it might help some people, so its worth a try, right? All you have to do is do a favour (big or small) for three people, then tell them to pay it forward to three other people. So if someone does you a favour and asks you to pay it forward, do it! Hopefully, this will help some people. And if you want to put this in your signature to try and advertise it a bit more, heres the link thing. [url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=670575]Pay it forward![/url] Thanks for reading. :)
  2. idiot: selling jagex staff 4 magic
  3. Hey guess what? It's a game! :D I quit it because it's a complete waste of time, and so should you! :D :XD:
  4. For those of you who haven't played WoW yet, try the 10 day free trial. Then post. I like WoW more than RuneScape. I like the graphics, chatting, quests, characters, it's full-screen too. I also think that the players on WoW are much more friendly & mature than any other MMORPG. The only reason that I play RS more is because I have some great friends on RS, and WoW screws up my computer.Or... my computer screws up WoW.. hmmm.. But..that's just me :P
  5. I bet the person in Zanaris is part of the OOC.. Therefore, he's buying cabbage 100gp ea to add to the collection.
  6. Depends which outfit I'm wearing.. But overall... Probably colorful. Even though they both blow. :)
  7. I made a Quester/Skiller pure a few minutes ago.. Plannin to get as many QPs as possible at level 3 combat... Wish me luck! \ PS: Nice! Only 68cb...wow.
  8. Do you think you can make a yew tree falling down on an autoer, and put the head of the autoer sticking out instead of the legs? That would be great.. Thanks if you do it. PS: Nice cow :XD:
  9. Joordaan

    Le close

    Style: Type: Arrowzz Gender: Size: <450x175> Render: Background colour: Main colour: Font: Text: Subtext: Flying pirate monkey: <FLYING PIRATE MONKAY D:> Me wub Starry :XD:
  10. Name on signature:Joordaan. (@ the bottom left please) Style (Grunge, Abstract, Other): Abstract. Dimensions in pixels: 450 x 175 Other detail's (May include pictures you want in sig, etc.): Can you just put this with this one on the right and add some cool abstract effect things please(black and white only plz). And can you make it 30kb pweez.
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