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  1. Why not just but the armor at the Exchange, do something else until you get the armor, train, sell the armor, do something else, rinse, repeat?
  2. I definitely think Firemaking is the most useless skill.
  3. That's actually something I've been wanting to work on, they have absolutely no blending, some effects on the renders, but, I've been praying they blend :P
  4. Cube Propogation is making me insane, IT IS SO GOOD. Great work as always Ard.
  5. The bg looks a little out of proportion, and you covered it with that text =( It doesn't fit teh flow of the sig imo... Decent (Except for the text)
  6. Don't know much about photography, but I know photoshop is awesome for manipulation. Nuff said :P
  7. Interesting how we require updates the second we demand them.
  8. Yea, I started up again, and, here are some from teh past weekz0r. Critique :D
  9. LAWL! You know I hate alching X.X I wonder how many casts of mage dart it would take though, then I'd camp at the DK's
  10. For those of you who know me, I've had 84 mage for over a year. Well, today my clan has a portal pk trip, and all the high level mages are ancienting, so, I decided to get this
  11. 3 Guthan spears and a D chain in 4 days :)
  12. Inevitable - Counterstrike You can easily get 1.5 for free. :P
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