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  1. under lumbridge castle with the chest for a bank :
  2. flesh crawlers, or giant lvl 50 spiders
  3. 60 hours if your doing 1k an hour :thumbup:
  4. leave it as zerker pure xd
  5. eeeeeep would of made me mad lol
  6. go2guy

    Haunted woods!

    lol means your in the wrong place.
  7. just ignore and move on you respond and they'll keep responding.
  8. get a better internet connection
  9. go2guy


    [sarcasum]great rant bro[/sarcasum]
  10. go2guy

    "Add me please"

    i just respond with "sorry list is full" or just run.
  11. dramatic dieing scenes would be epic :thumbsup:
  12. im going to have to say slayer the fact that after each task you have to go back to a teacher and then get items ready for next task anoys me rc is just doing the same thing over and over again depending on what you do.
  13. don't think it'll work mate sorry.
  14. Its simple and right to the point. Just because he isn't going crazy like half the people in this forum do doesn't mean its not a rant. no its a whinge, by a lazy man who doesn't want to drop his weeds. :thumbup: The entire world is lazy then? I can assure you that almost everyone has absolutely ZERO use for weeds and would prefer if they did not exist at all. Everyone finds then annoying on the inside, it's just if they can TOLERATE it or not. Everyone does not want to drop weeds, so is everyone lazy then? Well, if everybody is lazy, then nobody is. so you are saying you have gone around to everyone in runescape and asked them if they like weeds? you have no proof, and i happen to know alot of people who enjoy collecting weeds.
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