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  1. Why? Cause you can see a stomach which every human been on this Earth has? :roll: Hey, do I look like a mod/admin? :lol: :roll: I don't know why but they're against shirtless photos. Well, I was hopping in the shower so it's not like I intentionally took it off to be topless. If I took one at the beach wearing a bathing suit and no shirt, I'm sure it'd be fine. I don't see why this one wouldn't. I don't think I am offending anyone.
  2. Wow. I haven't posted on Tif in a looong time. Thought I'd post some pictures since mine were old. [hide=New Pishurs]New Hairstyle: My friend decided to straighten my god awful curly hair and it turned out really good. Been doing it since. Morning hair: Picture removed ~ Racheya inb4 vain, lol. I was jumping in the shower right after I woke up and caught a quick glimpse of my hair. Thought it was funny, so I took a picture of it. :3[/hide] Yupyupyup!
  3. Yeah. I was looking on Newegg, but I have cash and I do believe my debit card has like a $300 limit. :?
  4. Hey guys. I got paid $400 for doing some 12 hours worth of IT work. I have been deciding to buy a t.v., so I went looking. All the ones from stores are really cheap, but you know the brand name is crap. So, I kept looking. I decided to look on Craig's List as you do happen to find some diamonds in the rough. This is what I found: http://reno.craigslist.org/ele/978789073.html I talked to the guy. He said he bought the t.v. for $800 before taxes. He then got a better t.v. for Christmas and listed this one. He's had a couple people look at it, but they decided to buy one of the cheap brand names. The t.v. is only $500, which I have, and he says he only opened the box to make sure everything was in there and that it wasn't damaged. Do you guys think this is a good deal? I am quite happy paying the price as the price in stores/amazon are $1099... I am getting it for my 360 so I can play video games in my room and watch movies.
  5. iPhone 3g for Christmas. :D [hide=iPhone][/hide] Unfortunately, the only camera I own is my iPhone camera and I am not taking a myspace picture to show you the phone. :D
  6. I got an iPhone 3g 8gig with a year of service, unlimited texting and internet. I got $40 in iTunes cards which I thought was pointless at first because I don't buy songs, but I realized you can use them to buy apps. I got some zombie stickers for my car which I was so excited because I couldn't find any stickers for my car and I love zombies. It look like a deer hunting license, but it says zombies and says I passed all these tests and know proper regulations for disposing/killing. I got 4 movies: Ironman Thank you for smoking Saw III Tropic Thunder A case for my iPhone, some zombie shirts, gag gift was a bunch of goldfish because I am notorious for stealing the goldfish and hiding them in my room. I got some gift cards to the movies and the Apple store. I got some pajama bottoms too. T'was a good year. :
  7. It seems like only the same names keep coming up. As for my favorites, I don't know if I have really ever talked to anyone outside of the discussions in topics except for silver_wits and IGoddessI who are neat individuals.
  8. Rather, you typed a bunch of letters randomly and called it a screename. :P Damn, you caught me... My kid doesn't have to know, though.
  9. Not going into detail or discussing much else of it, I did the same thing as Roberthree. Not proud of it and I managed to not be caught.
  10. Invented a game called "Rocking". Had rules and structure. I have no regrets, but now I see I was dumb and immature.
  11. Foogfoyefoyoiyoohoof :) /fIg.fu:.f_ju-\i-\u:f/ That's how I'd say it. Yeah. It's Swahili for winged-bear. That's how it's pronounced and spelled in English. My first RS account was Fgfuyfyuiuyf, but it got hacked and banned, so I took out the last 'f' and added a '0'.
  12. Fe-g... F-gee... F-guh... How is it pronounced? Foogfoyefoyoiyoohoof :)
  13. Boy: Fgfuyfyuiuyf Girl: Fgfuyfyuiuyf I like that name and it can be used for either gender! It's perfect!
  14. Firstly, I want to know why he went around bragging about it on a RuneScape Forum in the first place. Secondidly, why did he allow for the police to search his house if he did have guns and journal entries? He could have said no and ditched the stuff before the cops showed up with a warrant. Thirdidly, I am glad he was caught. He was another one of those dumb guys thinking he was going to be a hero by taking innocent lives. I hope he enjoys his life in jail.
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