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  1. Er, PaybyCash only has like 3 main options; cheque, cash, or money order. Its conception was because some people too young to use credit cards could still subscribe to online games using paybycash, or other conditions when there's problems with paypal. The reason they told you to use PaybyCash instead of Paypal is itself an indication of what they meant. If you sent this to paybycash in the first place, perhaps with a small slip explaining the situation, none of this would have happened. They told you to use paybycash so you used paypal, and then you did the rest of the operation with totally ambiguous information. Jagex and Paybycash process thousands of orders a day, they don't "know" your situation enough to do everything perfectly, especially considering you didn't clearly explain to them your strange situation anyway. Hardly seems like their fault. :shame:
  2. Happens to me all the time. A couple days ago someone tried to buy my full mystic for 2k bronze arrows. I declined and he kept saying I was rude.
  3. Runescape 4D. Duh. No but really, I'm hoping for some sort of graphical update. If you're a member the content on RS is already so much I think they can not update it for a year and most people would still have quite a lot to do still. RS is already superior to most MMO's with gameplay, so I think graphics is the only thing that it needs for true awesomeness. Or perhaps they'll go nuts and stop using java and team up with Valve and code RS using Source and deliver it through Steam. Maybe.
  4. Quests are pretty annoying for me; they're basically all just 1) Talk to somebody who has a simple problem 2) Problem leads to another problem for no apparent reason 3) Run around, fetch a few items 4) Talk to some guys 5) Kill a high lvl monster and nearly all of them have just mediocre rewards. The only reason I do them is to unlock things like dragon weapons, areas and stuff like that. I think members has enough quests already; try joining members just now and see how long it takes you to do all the quests (and get the skills to do them). Probably at least several months.
  5. Runescape's cost is very reasonable; it's basically a high-quality commerical MMO rivalling most others like WoW or Everquest in terms of gameplay and for only a fraction of the cost. Like someone else said before me, 5 bucks is almost half an hour of minimum wage. You should be able to afford runescape even if you're homeless. 15 bucks a month (which should in your situation really be just 5) puts a dent in your pocket? Wow. Consider doing better in college so you can get a job that pays for a year of runescape in an hour.
  6. I'm pretty sure the how to should just include 1. Buy hammer and supplies from Mor'ton 2. Build Temple 3. AFK
  7. I don't know if this is strictly related to runescape but I just found something really cool: http://youtube.com/watch?v=KS0pSwdQfbY See for yourself, it's a completely bulletproof suit that can even protect against grenades! (that should be like a prayer). Now all they need to do is paint it red :lol:
  8. Buy some bone bolts then train on iron dragons and get a visage drop ftw. Btw same thing happened to me a while ago; I was a lvl 50 iron pure maging on ankous (this was before the time when the staff held its magic spell even after logging out). I had about 10k chaos runes, a few k deaths, and some money on me (not counting the drops I had gotten from the ankous). I logged on and attacked an ankou, I ran up to it attacking with staff, then my computer died. Logged in again and was in lumby with nothing but an ammy, firestaff and wizard robes. I liquidated my assets and began merchanting. Now I'm p2p with 50M+ in assets, and quickly rising. The best thing you can do now is just to get things back online. Find a source of money, and plug at it until you recover, good luck.
  9. Sweet dude nice legs :thumbsup: . I've killed 1k so far and I've only gotten 4 clues (none of them gave anything that great). Btw good strategy is to invest in a small number of enchanted emerald bolts for poison damage, that makes killing them 20-30% faster. 1k emmy bolts will last you like 1.5k dragons. It only takes me 1-2 mins to kill a dragon that way (and yes, with bone bolts). Gl get more legs!
  10. Guthix Platelegs, Magic comp, rune long and magic long! Thanks guys, a cool 300k 8-)
  11. K thanks guys now I have to do the same thing but in lvl 54 wildy :/
  12. Wait, I don't understand, what do I have to do?
  13. I have a coordinate clue telling me to go to the middle of a duel arena. Can I do this without actually going into a duel?
  14. Link doesn't work. Best way to post videos is on youtube mate; fast and accessible. I'm sure from the comments of others though that it's great, nice stats to begin with and keep it up.
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