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  1. Psh i got my friends main banned for 3 months since he told me he was account sharing in pm. He never figured out it was me, and when he finnally got his account back I just sat there and thought *that'll teach him*
  2. very nice farmboy,but you already know what i mentioned so, gl with more revisions.
  3. i went pking in members yesterday, and after wandering around the wilderness for hours without seeing anyone but death dotting clans at clan wars, i made my way to to the teleport lever. upon finding a firemaker at the end of his line, i promptyly attacked, upon which he ran to the mage bank and i precided to be teleblocked and barraged by a clan. So much for dds/range pking, not a single person found besides that one individual.
  4. wow i got passed in range by jimmy. i feel so unacomplished
  5. I had a human foot in my fridge for study when i was writing my anatomy thesis on foot musculature. but thats about it.
  6. omg i wants one :ohnoes: will you share?
  7. well since a f2per account cant go on members, its kinda self explanatory who has to hop, isnt it? ;)
  8. I named my 1 def pure kittinchow, thats original, but I doubt most children these days have much for imagination, seeing that videogames fulfill that space that used to be used for creative thinking.
  9. yes, but only in accordance with the trade limits. trade someone to see how much you can give. and kellis, drop trading is against jagex rules.
  10. so i got 1 kill in f2p, and i got a rune helm, scimmy, 40 nats and a druidic mage top. 130k more then i made in all my p2p drops
  11. read the news at the official site, teleblock is back for pvp use, so they had to move it around.
  12. the ghost was a hidden update i believe, if thats by draynor manor like it looks like it is. sorry.
  13. 1st account: Bogabaga, played from mid 2001-fall 2002, deleted due to passward loss, got to level 48. 2nd account: Senior Fuzzy. fall 2002-2004? For some reason rs refused to load any longer on my apple imac, and lost the password as i *grew up* and made more friends and other priorityies occured. Got to level 58 i think by killing edge men with a 1 click mouse and just a black screen with characters. No skills whatsoever. Current: Syal Antilli, 2006-onward. Got a new computer, a dell, tried to get on fuzzy, couldnt, so i named syal after a star wars character. 108+6 combat and my first member. Also the account i first had over 500k on then 1 mil then up and up.... My favorite so far, she likes black marks and getting muted for saying inapproaite things. mostly when im drunk.
  14. i got 16 kills today in 45 minutes. 16. Best drop was a mithril warhammer, due to lots oppenent enemy 1 iteming. I missed the screenie for my best ko, since i had to teleport soon afterwards due to pjing. however i did look him up on highscores. Thoughts on unfair droppage?
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