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  1. Ernest the chicken !those door combinations were intense! and sheild of arrav was easy for me...I just bought the first and second halves from people :XD:
  2. none my comp is so slow it can only run rs and not other things at the same time :-X
  3. I definitely read the rules...learned about the basics of the game and then started up with my first account. You should learn to read directions from school kiddies!
  4. Meh... usually directed at newbs that want to team with me.
  5. hm yes pking with this is troubling .
  6. Very nice entry I'm sure it would have been great to have played back then. You should understand that you won't get much credit in modern forums, but I give you credit for reminding some, of why runescape is so great. :thumbsup:
  7. one hits are passive luck happenings enjoy them while you can i have 70+ mining and I can take a whole 30secs or so to get one sometimes. =X
  8. my friends break the rules all the time with macroers n such and i hate them for it..I keep telling them they are ruining the economy of the game but they don't care. my first, first reply !
  9. Wow people not using there resorces....the east of varrok yews? those are so infected its not even funny. drrr maximum drrr guys comon. I can't get hardly 100 yews in an hour anymore with 80 wc.
  10. Bank space bank SPace BBAnk SpaCe and have diango accept all holiday items as a working bank for them.
  11. Maple Short bow Green DHide chaps, vambraces 50-75 addy arrows Colorful bootz Coif Leather Body Power ammy Gold Ring
  12. Stronghold of Security ~ hands down.
  13. yay...interesting enough, investigating the wise old man is dumb, to me anyway. Although I think this is cool...I prolly won't take the time to research on it =P srry.
  14. Happens lots -.- How can you not know about print screen -.- Generally useless -.-
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