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  1. Medicine is a great field. It's salary, meaningfulness, and prestige are all but unmatched in the job market. However, it is excruciatingly difficult to get into medical school. I went to a college that had 720 students in the "pre-medical" program, meaning all of these college freashmen wanted to get into medical school when they graduated. 8 people made it, 700+ had to find other jobs in the science field.
  2. You're that worked up over a library page? I feel like I'm watching Moral Orel :lol: But really, its not that big of a deal, its a title page. I have checked out books that were missing entire chapters and some books in my library don't even have covers. A title page is torn and you're worried.... Am i getting punked?
  3. meh. I didn't bother to save a copy, I just hit edit and, well, edited. Nothing too exciting in there really, pretty much the same way it is now but with more specific naming out of artists and I said the line: "rappers these days just need a beat, a thesaurus, and lyrics about sex and blow. and if your a black musician you also need to swear a lot and talk about [garden tool]'s and drugs" :lol:
  4. The exact same thing happened to me, and I waited in the ER in excess of 2 hours with a broken wrist and a gash in my knee. And then the nurse was a [puncture] and somehow, despite the anesthesia, managed to hurt me during my knee stitches. And I'm in America. Yea I used to work in an ER, the waiting period is terrible. I saw a guy with an accidental stab wound in the leg who was literally dripping blood on the floor... and he had to wait for a good 20 minutes. People confuse the waiting necessary with socialized health care. Socialized health care means you often have to wait for surgeries and routine check ups. This is because everyone gets preemptive medicine and gets checkups frequently since its free. The ER is then there for real emergencies. Capitalistic health care means people don't go to the doctor's office or the hospital that often, they don't want to pay for it. However they eventually get sick and then have to enter the healthcare system at the most expensive level: the ER. This means the ER is clogged with patients that have problems that would have been avoided if they had gone to their doctors years ago, but didn't since they didn't want to pay the money back then. Capitalistic health care = No real waiting time for surgery and doctor's visits, but the ER is overflowing and delayed. Socialized health care = Long lines for surgery and doctor's visits, but the ER is there and ready to take emergencies. I think I would prefer the latter.
  5. You are well informed, I was hoping no one would catch that. : \ The brain stops developing around the age of 25. Car insurance and rental car companies know this. In the US you pay a huge extra charge when you rent a car if you're younger. Younger people are more likly to wreck the cars. At what age can you rent a car at the same price as an adult? Twenty five. ;)
  6. I'm split on the issue. Free health care is an awesome and effective idea when you're country is small and manageable. If you live in Luxembourg or Switzerland its very easy to give free healthcare to everyone since there are a finite amount of hospitals and the government can cover costs quite easily. However, the United States isn't Canada, the US has over 320 million people spread over ten thousand hospitals. Its a nightmarish task, especially when you consider how many illegial immigrants there are, and they will all get the benefits of free health care without paying a dime (leaving the rest of us to pay the expensive costs). Free health care isn't free, you pay for it in taxes. The other fact is that the United States is traditionally on the forefront of medical advances. Open heart surgery, organ transplants, cancer treatments, endoscopic surgery, and the first use of stem cells were all things first done in US hospitals. This has happened since there is so much money in the system that people are driven to discover new techniques so they can sell them to surgeons in the US and make millions. Remove the wealth, remove a lot of the motivation. It's also easier for other countries to go socialized since the US remains a capitalistic system. Like the commercial showed, citizens of other counties have little to loose by getting socialized medicine since if they want they could just go to the US for new and expensive treatments. Not so sound arrogant or patriotic but the U.S. has what is widly known as the best hospitals in the world. In the hieght of the cold war the Russian Prime Minister needed eye surgery and he went to Johns Hopkins (in Balitimore) since no hospital in his country could do the surgery. So like I said, its easy and conviniant for places like Canada or France to go socialized health care. Everyone gets access to free basic care, and medical advances are still being developed by counties like Japan and the US. If someone gets really sick and the system can't care for them, they just go to the U.S. and get world class treatment. The U.S. going full socialized medicare will be... interesting. But all that being said, I'm still for the idea. I just pray it doesn't bankrupt the tax payers and hinder our medical advances that much.
  7. ultimania92: At this point the PMs arn't about the sarcasm or not, but people are quite passionate about their music preferneces and are angrily declaring, to paraphase one PM: "Back the **** off, Kanye West has more talent than you ever will, your post saying otherwise just proves how worthless you are to society" So... yea. I grossly misjudged my audiance, and like I said, it seems on the internet you can poke fun at anything except someone's music preference : / Really? You're okay with the fact that Hannah Montana has made about 20 million dollars so far for the simple fact that she had connections to music producers? Meanwhile the people who invented the Internet, cured polio, founded the Red Cross, made the first the cell phone, or discovered antibiotics all made less than 40k a year? And presently people who are going after and arresting child molesters, people getting shot at fighting terrorists or people risking their lives fighting fires make about 30k a year. You really "disagree with me totally" when I say Hannah Montana makes too much money for what she does when you compare it to other people in society? Wow, I really misjudged my audiance, Tip.it has changed so much over the years :|
  8. Wow, i learned something today. Judging by some of the PMs I'm still recieiving from not-so-happy people, I learned that on the Internet you can poke fun at almost anything. Sure its commonplace to make fun of someone's sports teams, country, hieght, sex, climate preference, favorite fast food chain, brand loyalty, gaming style, sexual orientation, or even religion... but make fun of their favorite music artist and you better be ready to flee the country. -.-
  9. Yea I noticed a trend, everyone that thought I was serious and racist posted in the first 5 minutes, meaning they didn't watch the videos. I figure anyone that took the time to watch the videos would be laughing to hard to take me seriously. Katie Couric (the CBS anchor woman) is awkwardly awesome with AutoTune. Very thin ice, very thin ice very very very thin ice \
  10. Wow pretty hot debate going on here. Ill just add the fact that trust me, once your in your twenties you will see there is a huge difference between a 18 year old and a 21 year old. People get so much more mature in those years, 18 year olds are high school kids who think the word poop is hilarious. 21 year olds are seniors in college ready to join the work force with an advanced degree. I mean, loot at this picure. 18 year old on the left: Hey guys, lets go play pokemon and drink vodka! 21 year old on the right Why I do declare, I think a glass of Gin would go well with my research thesis Both pics are from google images. Anyway my point is there is a huge difference in maturity in those 3 years. Also the brain stops growing by that age, while a light alcoholic intake wont hurt either brain, an alcoholic binge will have a lot more detrimental affects on the 18 year olds brain. In many counties teenagers above the age of 17 are allowed to drink beer and wine, but harder liqueurs like rum and vodka require the age of 21 or in some cases, 25. This actually makes a lot more sense, but its harder to enforce so the US just covers everything at 21.
  11. I enjoy her music very much, Poker Face is perhaps the best dance song I have heard all year. She is alse very nice to her fans. She will actually reply to any letter you send her and people that have gone backstage with her report that is extremly friendly and sincere. I just used her as an example of someone that uses Autotune in some songs. She was also mentioned in the video I posted, which was awesome, and I wanted to link my post to the video a bit more.
  12. Heh, yea I read it over again and I apologize. I figured people would know me well enough to know that if I began a paragraph with "black people only sing about sex" it's obvious thats its sarcasm, but I guess I don't post that often these days. And the entire time I was writing the post I had those videos playing in the backround so everything seemed hilarious at the time :lol: I hope I didn't horribly offend anyone back there :?
  13. Lol holy crap people, its a satire post based around the music videos I posted. Heck I pretty much made the entire thread just as an excuse to post those video's, and the humor of my post revolved around the comedic use and oversimplification of rap shown in the vids. Wow, I mean wow, was the humor really that subtle? Yes I think a lot of today's stars are superficial but I mean come'on. "If your black use more sex references and swear a lot", lol how can anyone take that seriously. Sorry I rubbed so many of you the wrong way I guess, but watch the music videos and lighten up :)
  14. EDIT: Several people took offense to my original post, which was written in a satirical way. To avoid getting the wrong message across I heavily cropped the post and removed statements that I wrote in sarcasm that some took seriously. I don't like censoring what I wrote but I recieved a dozen angry PM's and I really don't want to give the wrong impression to anyone else. Auto-Tune. A powerful program used by studios and singers to make anyone a popstar. For centuries the entertainers of the world had to rely on their honed voices and perfect pitch to be successful, but it seems that many of today's popstars are just people with connections to record labels. While there are still real bands that make traditional songs, an increasing amount of today's popstars are heavily reliant on programs like Auto-Tune. For those of you that dont know what Auto-Tune is, you sing into a microphone and it quickly and effectively modifies your tune and pitch so it sounds cool. Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Kanye West, and tons of others all use this program. Its laughable how easy it is to make a 50 million dollar song now, you dont even have to sing. Im not kidding, you can just talk in a normal voice into a microphone and a song pops out the other end. To prove this point a group on YouTube bought the high end version of the software to show how easy it is to make a song. To really prove how easy it is they make a song, they wanted to use it on people just talking casually. What is a public recorded source of people just talking? Cable News. They used AutoTune on news broadcasts and added a basic beat, the results are hilariously awesome. [hide=][yt]1dqTrUpmwPg[/yt][/hide] [hide=][yt]b0OzxvClwoU[/yt][/hide] Kind of depressing how the guys that made those video got no profit what-so-ever for their work, and its better quality than half the stuff on the radio :D
  15. I made mention to this in the original post, that's why the protesters don't care that Mousavi really isn't that different from Ahmadinejad. Many are using this election sham as an excuse to finally speak out against the dictatorship. Side not, has anyone else watched that video that magekiller posted of the girl dying on camera? I know I made comments on it already, but it haunts me. I have seen blood and gore and even dissected dead humans in my medical classes... but that video haunts me. It was too real, too heart wrenching. I haven't prayed in 14 years, but tonight I pray for her, her name was Neda.
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