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  1. Got this along with Resistance 2 for PS3 (my 360 went red ring on me). Pretty fun, haven't tried zombie mode yet. -RangedCrave
  2. Woo got some guildies/rl friends offering to help me raid when I ding 70. Should be a matters of...days now :D. -RangedCrave
  3. A guildy gave me 300g to finish off my epic mount :D whoo whoo. -RangedCrave
  4. Ding 63, and got my first T2 piece. Some friendly guildie asked me do I want to go to Onyxia, why not :D. -RangedCrave
  5. Hit 58 on my Rogue (God damn 54-58 in 1 day took a crapload out of me) off to Hellfire Peninsula. -RangedCrave
  6. Hit 48 on my Rogue and now Im dead stuck. Any suggestion? Felwood is too tough and guildies told me to go to Crater. -RangedCrave
  7. Saru if you still update this: What about rune xbow purely ranging (not ur rune way) purely ranging. Prolly rune xbow w/ diamond e bolt. I used to do that when I still played. -RangedCrave
  8. When I still played, AK-47 with silencer and UAV blocker (or whatever it's called) was my favorite stealth kit. 3 flashbang and I can pretty much take out half their team before they know it. -RangedCrave
  9. I can out-insult most real life friend with extremely long and words that are rarely said today. We just laugh over it later though. -RangedCrave
  10. Well, I got WC3 BattleChest a few days ago (been playing for about a month elsewhere) and I want some friends or people i know to play dota with. It really is boring to just randomly join matches. So if you play, list your server/name. RangedCrave west -RangedCrave
  11. Sorry, I only pked WITH REAL PKERS. I pk doodz in dota now. wut wut
  12. Well, I haven't played CoD4 for like...half a year. The second I get another internet cable, I'll be playing again. DoTA just will not take the place CoD4 did. -RangedCrave
  13. Liquid is the best villain ever. [hide=Contains spoiler about the end of Act 3]When the US marine unit surround him, he disables their nanomachines and then he pretends to shoot down the planes with his hand. THAT GOT TO BE THE BEST MOMENT OF THE GAME. Funny when he mimic'd his troops in killing the marines.[/hide]
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