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For archival purposes I've posted my original Blog from Blogscape here.


[hide=About Me]I'm a 16 year old student living in British Columbia, Canada and currently attend highschool in 11th grade. My hobbies/interests include some graphics design and animation (which I have newbie skills in) as well as just hanging out with friends and of course playing Runescape. I also read a lot because books are awesome. ;)[/hide]


[hide=About My Runescape Life]I first created an account in late 2004 when Runescape had become the popular craze in my grade 6/7 class. It was all everyone in the class talked about and many of them would meet each other ingame to make armour for each other and overall have a good time. Unfortunately after creating an account I tried to log in only to realize after 15 minutes of waiting for the game to load up that my computer couldn't run the game even in lowest detail. <Moment of Sadness>


However in around May of 2005 I got a newer computer, and although it was still pretty old, it could run Runescape! Several days after I ended up creating Gandorf61 and started playing. At this point the craze had mostly ended and only a few people I knew still played. However they helped me by showing me around which was a lot of fun. I still remember freaking out after accidentally clicking a man without realizing it and getting killed. Eventually I got shown to Al Kharid where I ended up being lost in for several days. #-o


From that point on I continued to play, doing all the quests (which I loved) Mining essence for money (when I could get it sold for 40gp/ea <3: and some occasional merchanting. However I got hacked in late 2005 by being extremely stupid and lost everything I had. I ended up quiting for about half a year and thus missed three holiday events which I regret miserably.


However one of my best friends encouraged me to start playing again and I did once I realized that if I changed my recovery questions and password I wouldn't be able to get hacked again (I had thought that they would be able to hack me with my old password, little did I know that I was totally wrong. :rolleyes:


Then in January 2008 I got members for the first time after opening a paypal account. Once again I enjoyed the wonders of a whole new world I didn't even know existed. I haven't gone F2P since then. :lol: I tried all the content available to me and was always questing due to my love of quests. Just over a year later I got myself a quest cape. <3:


Now you can find me always increasing my total level, talking with friends, and just having fun.[/hide]




Latest Picture




[hide=Current Goals]







I'm not in any huge rush to complete these but they're just something I'd like to work towards.[/hide]


[hide=Quest Cape]I got my quest cape on March 17th 2009. I was so happy. :)








[hide=Random Pictures]My Best point total for Stealing Creation. I got this score on the first day it came out.



I unlocked the Air Guitar Emote.



The most hardest quest in the game completed. (Even WGS wasn't as hard as this)



Stats during While Guthix Sleeps. So insane!



Finished While Guthix Sleeps



I met the Brassica Prime on April Fool's Day!



This guy has a similar name to me. :lol:



[hide=Bank Pictures]Best of my bank at the beginning of March



Best of Bank On July 1st



Full Bank - August 29th 2009


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