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Gandorf61's Bloggie [70+ all stats!] [1900+ Total]

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Gandorf61's Blog of Achievements - Now With Pictures Uploaded!




[hide=About Me]I'm a 16 year old student living in British Columbia, Canada and currently attend highschool in 11th grade. My hobbies/interests include some graphics design and animation (which I have newbie skills in) as well as just hanging out with friends and of course playing Runescape. I also read a lot because books are awesome. ;)[/hide]




[hide=About My Runescape Life]I first created an account in late 2004 when Runescape had become the popular craze in my grade 6/7 class. It was all everyone in the class talked about and many of them would meet each other ingame to make armour for each other and overall have a good time. Unfortunately after creating an account I tried to log in only to realize after 15 minutes of waiting for the game to load up that my computer couldn't run the game even in lowest detail, I was quite sad at the time.




However in around May of 2005 I got a newer computer that even though it was still pretty old could run Runescape. Several days after I ended up creating Gandorf61 and started playing. At this point the craze had mostly ended and only a few people I knew still played. However they helped me by showing me around which was a lot of fun. I still remember freaking out after accidentally clicking a man without realizing it and getting killed. Eventually I got shown to Al Kharid where I ended up being lost in for several days. #-o




From that point on I continued to play, doing all the quests (which I loved) Mining essence for money (when I could get it sold for 40gp/ea <3: and some occasional merchanting. However I got hacked in late 2005 due to being an idiot and saying my password outloud and lost everything I had. I ended up quiting for about half a year and thus missed three holiday events which I regret miserably.




However one of my best friends encouraged me to start playing again and I did once I realized that if I changed my recovery questions and password I wouldn't be able to get hacked again (I had thought that they would be able to hack me with my old password, boy was I dumb :roll: )




Then in January 2008 I got members for the first time after opening a paypal account. Once again I enjoyed the wonders of a whole new world I didn't even know existed. I haven't gone F2P since then. :lol: I tried all the content available to me and was always questing due to my love of quests. Just over a year later I got myself a quest cape. <3:




Now you can find me always increasing my total level, talking with friends, and just having fun.[/hide]




Stats At Start of Blog:






Current Stats:






Check Out My Daily Stats, Average Stats, Best Stats, and Graphs Here




[hide=Latest Picture]1900blog.png[/hide]




[hide=Current Goals]New Goals
























I'm not in any huge rush to complete these but they're just something I'd like to work towards.[/hide]




[hide=Quest Cape]I got my quest cape on March 17th 2009. I was so happy. :)
















[hide=Random Pictures]My Best point total for Stealing Creation. I got this score on the first day it came out.






I unlocked the Air Guitar Emote.






The most hardest quest in the game completed. (Even WGS wasn't as hard as this)






Stats during While Guthix Sleeps. So insane!






Finished While Guthix Sleeps






I met the Brassica Prime on April Fool's Day!






This guy has a similar name to me. :lol:






[hide=Bank Pictures]Best of my bank at the beginning of March






Best of Bank On July 1st






Full Bank - August 29th 2009






Anyways thanks for reading all or part of my blog and if you have a moment leave a comment. <3:

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Finally reached 70 farming:








Was actually pretty easy. One farm run per day really adds up.




Unfortunately due to computer failure I've lost a ton of pictures from the past five months. Hopefully I can get it working again otherwise I'll have to wipe my hard drive and lose all my data. -.-

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I got from 66-68 mining since last night. I now hate mining more than ever. Luckily I got some mouse keys set up which made dropping really quick and easy.








I'm taking a break and getting my attack up to 85 now. :)

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Forgot to post this but I got 85 fishing a few days ago. I also leveled to 86 fishing too.








New Best of Bank Picture, I'm almost at 50M!








Forgot to put my Dragon Hatchet in there so that is an extra 2M ::'

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70 Summoning Achieved! (And level 110 combat but I didn't get a message saying congratulations in the chatbox with special fireworks :()














I want to raise a God Bird and try out a Bunyip now. :D




Oh and I was searching for penguins when I found this guy who had a similar name to mine.








Now I'm on to a bit of agility and some training of my attack.

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Haven't updated in a while but I have a few more achievements.




70 Agility!






80 Magic!






Lately I've just been fishing non stop for sometimes 8-10 hours a day. I'm not really going for 99 but rather it's just something I can do in the background while I browse the forums or watch movies. It's now my highest skill too! :lol:

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Gl with those goals man, hunter will be the worst :)




P.s only just realised that your avvy is link and...fairy thing which i forget the name of haha

Want to be my friend? Look under my name to the left<<< and click the 'Add as friend' button!


Big thanks to Stevepole for the signature!^

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Thanks guys.




Both mining and hunter are pretty boring skills which is why they've probably been left for last. :lol: As for Herblore I'm currently using any penguin points I get and then I'll just have to spend a a bunch of money to buy the rest of it.




Hopefully I can get these done withing the next week.




I'm currently cooking again right now as it is such fast experience but I don't want to get it to 99 because I want to get a few other 99s first.




@Dan: The fairy is Navi. I've been thinking of editing the avatar a bit to make it better quality, so perhaps it will look newer and shinier soon. :)

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Got two more stats to level 70 now!




In order of achievement:












I am sick of mining at the moment. I ended up using a bunch of morphic tools at the end I got so tired of it. Hunter was actually pretty quick and I've decided to go for level 80 in it now. ::'




I also have one more new goal, 80 crafting! I'm going to make green d'hide bodies using Stealing Creation needles to cut the cost in half. It should only take me 8-10 hours and 5M to accomplish this goal. :)




*Glances over at herblore level* I'm not wasting 1.5M on 3 levels so I'm going to level it up via penguin points for the rest of the summer.

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Nice blog you have here. Very nice choice on rounded your stats up soon I regret not doing it earlier.




Keep it up :thumbsup:

Click for My Blog



670th to 99 Smithing July 21st, 07 |743rd to 99 Mining November 29th, 07 | 649th to 99 Runecrafting May 18th, 08 | 29,050th to 99 Defence October 20th, 08 | 20,700th to 99 Magic November 8, 08 | 47,938th to 99 Attack December 19, 08 | 37,829th to 99 Hitpoints December 24, 08 | 68,604th to 99 Strength February 4, 09 | 27,983rd to 99 Range February 9, 09 | 9,725th to 99 Prayer June 8, 09 | 6,620th to 99 Slayer December, 12 09 | 4,075th to 99 Summoning December, 28 09 | 3,551th to 99 Herblore February 24, 10 | 3,192th to 99 Dungeoneering November 11, 10 | 146,600th to 99 Cooking December 29th, 10 | 11,333rd to 99 Construction June 7th, 11 | 16,648th to 99 Farming August 1st, 11 | 19,993th to 99 Crafting August 2nd, 11 | 89,739th to 99 Woodcutting Janurary 1st, 12 | 55,424th to 99 Fishing May 9th, 12| 60,648th to 99 Firemaking May 12th, 12 | 16666th to 99 Agility May 17th, 2012 | 24476th to 99 Hunter June 1st, 2012 | 57,881st to 99 Fletching June 1st, 2012 | All 99s June 1st, 2012 | 3183th to 120 Dungeoneering July 24th, 2012 | 2341st to 2496 Total level July 24th, 2012 | Completionist Cape July 24th, 2012

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Been a while since I last posted anything and I've accomplished quite a bit since then. In order of achievement:




75 Slayer






90 Fletching (I strung magic longbows from 85-90. Cost me about 450k.)






This is a picture of myself and 29 other people helping Jinsr44 film the finale scene in his Machinima where we all syncronized the Jig emote together. Was a lot of fun. His full video can be seen

The video he submitted was significantly shorter due to the 2 minute time restraint.








I then took a few days break from runescape and came back to get 75 Agility. (I started Ape Atoll at 74 because I couldn't stand the Wilderness course any longer.)






And then finally today on August 27th I finally completed the goal that this whole blog has been about until now...


[hide=]Oh Em Ge!!! I finally got...










Keep scrolling...












A little more... :P












70 Herblore! Woot! All through Penguin points because I was just too cheap to actually spend a single gold coin on the skill. Finally after the past few months I have achieved my goal of 70+ in all of my skills. :D Now I'm going to have to figure out some new goals to complete. Perhaps I'll go for a 99 now; attack, fishing, smithing, and runecrafting have always been my favourites. <3:[/hide]

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Went to the TET Barrows event which was a lot of fun. I stayed afterwards and continued for 13 runs but got nothing. :( I'll probably head back there later tonight to see if I can get a piece of barrows armour.




Today I also completed a small goal I had set for myself; 90 attack! :)








2 minutes later I also got 86 hitpoints and 114 combat.




Took a picture of my whole bank as of today:








It's worth over 65M now. :P

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