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  1. Tif name: Gandorf61 Runescape name: Gandorf61 New name: Gandorf61 (Just correcting a typo in the image as my name has been mistakenly put as Gandorf64 when it should be Gandorf61)
  2. Part of the reason I think it's fair to assume it will involve microtransactions is because if you look at all the header images on the site, every single one of them either involves selling membership, offering incentives for membership, or microtranaction-like opportunities. Plus this seems like a weekly thing Jagex has started shoving down our throats, so I'm not very optimistic about this update.
  3. Very happy to see these new partnerships! :D Welcome to all the new SwiftKit staff members (and new users!), we're all really excited to have you here. Also awesome to see all of Stev's hard work officially hosted on Tip.it now!
  4. Just saw it today and I can't wait to see it again. Kind of adding on to what has been said above I can't really decide if I like TDK or TDKR better. Will have to see it again I suppose. :P It fully lived up to my expectations though and it tied up the series perfectly. Oh and Anne Hathaway was a fantastic catwomen; they did a good job in developing her character and I thought she played the part really well!
  5. I apologise if this is a stupid question, but how do you use it? When you open up Steam go to the menu bar and click Games > Activate a Product on Steam... > Next > I Agree > Paste Code in there and hit enter. You need to find the exact time the code updates and then from there you pretty much have a 3-4 seconds to copy and paste it into Steam otherwise someone else will get it first.
  6. Well you can now just show him this page on the Runescape site and he can't argue since the timeline starts at 2001. :)
  7. Got home from work 20 minutes before the 75% off Dungeon Defenders sale ended. Super excited since I've wanted to get this game for a while but was hoping it would be on for 75% off. :D
  8. So far I've gotten: Binding of Isaac Trine Trine 2 (fantastic game playing together with friends) L4D L4D2 Darksiders Legend of Grimrock Sonic Generations All for just over $35; and this is only day 2. :P
  9. Some of the big negatives probably include the possibility of hurting their Squeal of Fortune sales. I hope this means they're going to be releasing more items like the Haiti gloves and not "bonus xp tokens" or something of that sort to the Squeal of Fortune. :P
  10. Not really happy with the whole 8 hour flash deals thing. I had to work today and ended up missing the sales for a few games I wanted. Hopefully they'll be on sale again sometime over the next 10 days. Ah well my wallet will probably be hurting enough by the end of the sale anyways. Although when I'll have time to play all the games I want to is another story. :P
  11. http://speedtest.net/ Speedtest would be useful, especially since this thread doesn't work at all now.
  12. If you want to contribute an item that is missing to the Tip.it Item Database you have make a topic with the item info in the Website Updates & Corrections board. Once posted a website crew member will look over the info/confirm it's correctness and will add it to the database.
  13. Use the member tag: [member='Hawks'] @Hawks Enjoyed Randox's article (Now I know where your name originates from!), moderating requires a lot of paperwork and it really is like a legal system, only smaller and less formal.
  14. Some good points made about the downside of PC gaming but also a lot of bad points made as well. PC gaming is expensive yes, however most people who put the money into a gaming PC don't just play games on it. Work, school, media, internet browsing, and countless other things benefit from a fast PC. If you were to only include the extra costs payed to boost a PC you would normally use to a gaming PC it really isn't overly priced. Also you don't need to upgrade every 1-2 years. My current setup is nearing two years old and it can still play every game on the market at best graphic settings. Also to your point about console gaming being more comfortable; I'd just recommend getting a really nice leather office chair. Comfort shouldn't be a problem then and besides it's really all just an opinion, sometimes it is more comfortable laying back on a couch but often times I'm more comfortable sitting at my desk. As for graphics, I won't go into it much but you've missed the whole point about textures, shaders, physics, etc. Graphics does not equal higher resolution, there's a lot more than that and when consoles are stuck on a 2 generations ago graphics card you will see a difference with PC games. Lastly, please don't bash LAN parties until you've actually been to one, they can be an insane amount of fun and the picture you posted just doesn't do them justice at all. That being all said I do agree with the points you made about DRM and bugs/glitches. Those are both some of the downfalls of PC gaming but I find don't honestly impact my gaming experiences very much. Same thing with installing, if that is a difficult process than you have to be doing it wrong. Maybe it's just because I worship Valve and their Steam platform as much as the next PC gamer but installing and buying games has never been so easy or cheap. Why should I need to borrow a game when I could support the developer for less than $20 most of the time.
  15. I believe you will be able to see who likes a post as well. The only thing that's being disabled is you won't have anything similar to post count keeping track of your total likes forum wide. (so there would be no incentive to beg for likes)
  16. I'm sure there's a way to alter the censor of the word so it is only censored when it is by itself and thus snigger would be allowed and not censored. I wouldn't mind [garden tool] being uncensored as well but I'm just looking at the current list and the majority of the censor is just bad scam sites/words that are slander as tripsis listed. Plus it's better to be able to say "This [bleep]ing sucks" and have the censor moderate the post for appropriateness than have no censor and then we have to remove a post for vulgar. I'm all for uncensoring any words that are commonly being used appropriately but I don't agree with the removal of the whole censor or uncensoring a word just because it's possible to have one barely used legitimate use. Plus there's the fact that in Runescape you have the option of turning the censor on/off so users shouldn't be forced to have to deal with vulgarity in posts.
  17. I think they should have released meet the medic last because it really set the bar high. Meet the Pyro was the greatest but was still enjoyable enough, would have been even better if they added an extra 2 minutes of some other scenes.
  18. I really like this idea as well. It wouldn't have to be a permanent board but just a temporary one to use over the next few months as people adjust to the changes. If this was added it should probably be around the General Discussion/H&A area on the main forum index as it's going to be a cross between people discussing things and asking for help and opinions.
  19. On the bright side a reformat means you can start from a clean slate so your computer may run faster now. They almost were but then the company that owns lastpass purchased them.
  20. Right now I have a folder setup as follows: bankApp (main folder) > app > dataCollections > exceptions > interfaces Each of the four folders in bankApp have classes grouped together in the same package (ex/ all the classes in exceptions are "package exceptions;") Now my problem is I need to import these exceptions, interfaces, etc. into a main application which is part of the app package in the app folder. However when I do this I get "package does not exist" when I try to import my exceptions and other classes. From what I understand it has something to do with having to set the classpath so that java will look for the files in the other folders but I can't figure out how to set this. Any help/explanation on how this works would be much appreciated!
  21. Ya, team capes work the best. I remember using a green cape in the past, but I'm not sure if it was 39 or not. I'll have to look around. Yep it was a team-39 green cape. Would be awesome if everyone wore one for the event. :thumbup:
  22. Looking at H&A right now the first 3 pages only have 3 money making advice threads so I don't think they are bogging down the other H&A topics there. Also I'm against making a subforum in H&A because it's supposed to be fast paced and topics shouldn't be on the first page for more than a few days (Right now the first page has around 3 days worth of topics which is perfect in my opinion). I just think keeping H&A as simple and open for questions as possible is important part of that forum.
  23. Just had a chance to watch the season finale and I have to say I felt Blackwater was a lot more climatic so this felt a bit off, except maybe the last scene. The White Walker and wights looked absolutely terrifying. :thumbup:
  24. Only downside with stickies is new users never seem to look at them. That being said I wouldn't mind having a FAQ sticky with answers to a lot of tedious questions that are asked again and again. That way if someone creates a help topic about say, making money, the sticky can be easily referenced. Something like that would require a fairly large collaborative effort though since it would need constant updating and maintaining. I just don't support the idea of limiting x questions to only be talked about in a sticky because that never seems to work out well.
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