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  1. Cool thanks. I used Legacy for a while, because it felt overwhelming to adjust to all of the new stuff as well as a new combat system at the same time. But I took the plunge and went to EOC and I'm pretty good with the revolution mode now, and I actually like how it works. I still strongly dislike full manual (and it was a big part of the reason I stopped playing way back). Even managed to kill Arraxor a few times :D I'm also curious how many older players are still around here, but I doubt that many would recognize me... who knows though.
  2. Hi Tip.It I'm a noob now. I've been playing around in legacy combat mode, but noticed that fights such as Saradomin Godwars hardmode require an ultimate ability to be used in order to land the killing blow. How does this work when you are in legacy mode which doesn't have abilities?
  3. I guess I'm in a similar boat... Quit right after EOC. I was initially excited for EOC, with the new abilities and rebalancing of classes. What I did not expect was a complete overhaul of the system in ways that didn't make sense. It felt like a complete homogenization rather than diversification. I do not think that changing the way armour and weapon stats worked was necessary, I don't think that changing from Runescape's classical semi-afk combat system was needed... And it seems like instead of promoting interesting ganeplay, they force the triangle, remove any interesting abilities from items (stuff like spirit shields, special attacks, weapon switching mechanics) in favour of a "this is the right way to do it" system. Is this update the correct way to address what a lot of people took issue with regarding EOC? I don't know. It seems like they're simply reskinning and taking away abilities in an effort to simplify things, as if complexity was the problem. I might still check it out, but I think the damage is too deep. They know that they lost a lot of players, and they'e backpedaling and trying to please everyone. Maybe it will be fun... but I don't think I could start playing again seriously using the legacy mode, knowing that it wasn't optimal. And knowing Jagex, "near optimal" means it will be nowhere near optimal. And if the optimal method is unfun to me then I won't be interested. I mean this is all obviously my opinion. I played RS almost solely for combat, and I loved it. As you said, I loved competitive pvm, I liked specials, I liked optimizing my gear and setup to maximize kill speed and the number of boss kills per run. So of course I was hesitant to embrace any change. I was hesitant to embrace mashing the keyboard to queue abilities wearing gear that was rebalanced in ways that didn't make any sense to me. And I'm sure a lot of players like how it is now. And it seems they've done a lot of work to improve it (because it was objectively very broken on release), but I really wasn't interested in sticking around as they slowly brought up bits of content to a level in which they were as playable as they used to be.
  4. Haven't had a chance to personally train Div yet, but I think I have a pretty good idea of it from reading this/other threads. Anyway, I think the current issues are that: 1. Gathering skills are boring. Period. They also tend to be slow. This is pretty much how every gathering skill was on release; limited to one method of training where you progress through a series of tiers for slightly higher experience every X levels. But then eventually faster methods are put out, although they may not provide you with resources (see: ivy, sawmill, zmi, runespan, c2 fishing, lrc, etc etc) and I imagine in the coming months/years it would be reasonable to expect that the rate of experience will increase with a new update. For now it makes sense to keep it pretty slow so that not everyone has 99 divination when the production skill comes out. 2. It feels incomplete because you can't do much with it. Once the production skill is done though, who knows - it might be super useful or profitable. There could also be a complete rebalance like there was with summoning (every familiar was useless other than the unicorn prior to batch 2 iirc). Better to be underwhelming and buff later than to instantly throw the game out of whack and then have to do damage control and/or rebalance other aspects of the game.
  5. I honestly don't think someone that gets 2 hours sleep can play as efficiently as someone who gets 6-8 hours, it's basic knowledge that your concentration levels drop due to lack of sleep which can decrease XP rates, I never said that someone playing 15 hours will definitely beat someone who plays 22 hours, that all depends on the player. As for not knowing the best and most efficient rates on day 1 that's a given but it's also a given some people will be more efficient than others even if it isn't the best rate. It will all come down to the XP rates of the skill and who can maintain higher ones for longer. ok u play 15 hrs a day i play 21, we see who gets 99 first I don't play anymore, and therefore I'm more efficient than you, as I literally never waste any experience... gf "You miss 100% of the experience you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky
  6. - was exactly the 100th person to reach 138 combat - ranked 14th in summoning at one point - was fairly well known for youtube videos/monster hunting/soloing - owned almost every rare at some point or another (and always sold them at the worst times) - spent 95% of my time in this game doing combat related activities, as can be seen by my maxed combat stats and nooby skilling stats :P
  7. I'm not sure how I feel about the concept of the best of 3/best of 5 promotion series. Seems like there could be a lot of frustration if you get unlucky and lose your series a few times in a row and have to keep starting over. But I've only played a few games so far, so I don't have enough experience to give a proper opinion. I'm also in Silver I 8-) Although I was gold at the start of the preseason and dropped to silver before the new ranked system came out :(
  8. ...not even going to comment on the lockout. BUT World Juniors are coming up and it should be pretty awesome this year, especially with the addition of a bunch of players who'd normally be playing in the NHL instead. I'm not even bothered about the fact that most of Canada's games are on at 4am since my sleep schedule is already pushed so late.
  9. xSxqPowerx


    Like a lot of you, final exams. I'd guess most people are bored of hearing about exams by now but oh well :D Done 2 out of 3 of mine, with the last one being tomorrow morning. Absolutely aced my first 2, which were in Mechanical Properties of Materials and Nuclear Engineering - which is good because they were worth 70% and 50% of my final marks, respectively. Tomorrow is my Business exam, which is actually technically a midterm since it's a full year course. And also it's business so as far as I'm concerned it's not a real class and doesn't require much studying haha. I also got formally accepted to grad school! So I'll be starting on my master's degree in the summer term, right after I graduate.
  10. Eh, I think it will eventually. There'll be a lot less people coming up from DGing who would be able to qualify for today's 5:5 standards, as they can just take the easy way out and solo and not have to deal with "shit teams in bad worlds" (And therefore can't be lured to come and try proper dging with proper teams). Quality has already dropped immensely over the past few months in DG. This certainly won't help. I suppose that's true. If it's close enough to team exp and doesn't come with the hassle of finding teams then it could end up being the preferred method of a lot of players. Personally I think solo dg is boring no matter what the exp rate is haha .
  11. Ha. I'm curious how they came up with the 350k figure. Good chance it'll actually end up being a lot higher for competent dgers. Alternately, they may be extrapolating that based on the experience rate you get from soloing the highest few floors, and it'll be way lower. You never know with Jagex and math. Regardless, it probably won't affect team dungeoneering too much since it'll still be the best.
  12. Just read Cloud Atlas, which I thought was amazing. Hard to get into at first, but then definitely picks up.
  13. I was studying late at night one day, and I turned to my window and saw a pair of glowing eyes staring in at me... I jumped up in fright, and then the eyes meowed at me. It was a cat.
  14. Haha I don't even bother to look at free week champ lists most of the time now, since I own most champs and have enough IP/RP to buy a bunch more. All 3 of those AP champs are tricky to play though, so I'll look forward to easily beating new kat/ziggs/viktor players 8-) And yay! My ranked 5's team reached gold elo, so I'll get my Victorious Janna skin on Nov. 6.
  15. xSxqPowerx


    This is literally what I did also today. Except no test, fortunately. Even with the distance there's always people in the same boat :P. Hope today wasn't so bad for you, I was still feverish today, but luckily I had Advil this time. Also, somehow, I aced the test! I was way better today, hardly sick at all :DSeems like pretty much everyone is getting the typical back to school illness. I've pretty much accepted the fact that it tends to be really difficult to learn math from a teacher at a certain point, unless said teacher is very exceptional. Basically I learn everything from the textbook, and just use the teacher as a guideline of where I should be in the book/as a source of example problems.
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